Zappati 4k Pro - Direct Output

Hi all - received an email in my inbox today, in regards the Zappiti 4k Pro. The section below caught my eye as being a ‘unique feature’ of the player, with the suggestion the picture can be ‘greatly improved’ using the feature. I am especially interested as my Vero is used exclusivley with both a lumagen and a 4k projector.

My query is whether this is something the Vero already does/can do/can’t do? I had assumed the Vero already outputs ‘native’ content without interfering, but I could be wrong. I am aware the Zappiti is advertised at circa £800 (which is faintly ridiculous), so this is isn’t a comparison, its merely a question about whether the ‘Direct Output’ feature is something that is/could me a material improvement on that the Vero currently offers?

Direct Output.

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR features a Direct Output function. This powerful feature allows you to display videos in their original resolution and frequency without scaling processing. If the resolution or frequency does not match any video standard, Zappiti Magic Pixel automatically adapts the output video signal using the closest resolution and frequency. With this new feature, your picture quality on Blu-ray ISO and SD content can be greatly improved, especially if you are using high-end 4K projector such as Sony, JVC, Epson, or if you are using dedicated scaler such a Lumagen Radiance.

Yes, that’s exactly what Vero4k does and always has. The only exceptions have been 4:3 aspect ratio 576p and 480p video, which will be fixed soon, and 544x576 broadcast TV.


I don’t know if the Zappiti is capable of 480i and 576i output? If so, that’s something the Vero can’t do; but its deinterlacing of SD videos is usually pretty good, so it’s not really a disadvantage in practice.

This is fantastic marketing.
Poaching that.

In all seriousness: they’re just saying that it functions as a device should…



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Anyone need some oxygen free speaker wire, or optical cables with gold connectors?


Thanks all. Figured as much.

Oh, really? Cool! :slight_smile: Do you have any plans to enable pass-through of 1080i video?