Zoom function for 3d content (Vero 4K+)


I would like to request the zoom function for 3d content (sbs,hou,mvc), for
the Vero 4k+.
I’d love to have the option to remove the black bars when watching in 3d.

Thank you.

Does your display not have this function?

My display is a samsung and allthough it has some zoom functions, it lacks the right function for this. Also the subtitles would be lost.

I’ll have a look at it.

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Thank you very much, Tanio.

I had a look at it. Kodi zooms into the video by just enlarging the viewable area. The kernel then scales (enlarges) a picture and shows only the e.g. 1080p area thus cutting off the areas outside the viewing region.

That mechanism works pretty well for 2D but it does not work for 3D because there’re always 2 views (one for the left, and another one for the right eye) which need to be zoomed into separately. That can’t be done by just enlarging the viewable area as a whole, so we need to implement zooming differently for 3D. Changes to Kodi and the kernel will be needed.

I’ve put this on the TODO list, but honestly, the priority is low.

Thank you for looking into it. I understand the priority is low, but hoping this feature wil be implemented some day.