10 Bit H265 vs H264 decoding

Just out of curiosity. Why can the Pi3 run x265 pretty fine whereas x264 still gives artifacting on 10bit video?

I’d assume that 10bit is just too much for the processor to render whereas x265 allows for the same quality at a lower bitrate. Which therefore allows the Pi to render it since the bitrate is lower.

There are no known hardware decoders for 10-bit H264 in the world. It was a format that was pretty much only used by a few anime groups, so no one bothered.

Parts of 8-bit x265 can be offloaded to the GPU on Pi.

Vero 4K can play back 8-bit and 10-bit H265, but 10-bit H264 is not possible. There is very little demand for playing back this format.

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Ahh, thanks for letting me know! It is true that Anime groups are very stuck on the 10-bit codec but it seems like it’s common in that world. And interestingly enough, it’s good to know that Vero can’t play it either because I was thinking of getting that box to replace my Pi3.

In other news, ARM recently revealed a new line of mobile processors. Claiming to be as powerful as entry-level laptop CPU’s. This makes me wonder… Will Raspberry ever consider a new Pi release?

It will play HEVC in 10-bit
But not H264 in 10-bit. You need a very powerful Intel PC for that.

Well, it’s beyond my understanding but i’ve read that HEVC requires alot more computing power so it doesn’t seem clear to me…

HEVC can be accelerated in hardware on Vero 4K, so it doesn’t need to be decoded by the CPU.

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Wow, I’m amazed with the May version H265 performance on my RPi3!
Great work.

@Bokkiwokki Still not 10bit which this thread is about…

@Toast Oops, my bad, wrong thread. The improvement is about 8bit H265 only, sorry.

The HEVC optimisation work on Pi will start to focus on 10bit soon.
Realistically performance will be lower than 8-bt (there are some limits to what can be achieved without dedicated hardware and 10-bit results in a big increase in sdram bandwidth), but we’d like 10-bit HEVC 720p30 to play smoothly on a Pi3.
No plans for 10-bit H.264 work as that is a bit of a dead standard.