100% cpu and frozen picture on Pi

Hi Guys!

Now I have the CPU at 100% and the imagen frozen.

The logs are:

[Logs 100% CPU][1]

Thanks for your help!!!

[1]: http://paste.osmc.io/husahaguru

You appear to be using a Pi, not a Vero, which is what this thread was originally related to.

Your system is out of date and you are potentially using a version with a regression in Kodi. Please upgrade to the latest version before proceeding.


Hi sam!

Nice to meet you!

Only a question.

The are a shell command to upgrade OSMC versión¿?

Because, I always do using the MyOSMC option in Kodi. But now I am out of home and I only can send command using ssh session.


Doing it remotely is always a bit tricky but you would need to install “screen” and then in a screen session do

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo reboot



I Have a Raspberry pi 2 with the last version of OSMC and with the same problem.
I am going to use that raspberry.


Well upgrading never harms, but If you have two devices with the same issue that I believe the issue might be either an Addon or something else in the configuration that you have done identical on both


I Tell you.

My configuration is:

I have a Ubuntu Server like a NAS and offers other services like NFS server, SMB server and TVHeadend Server.

Both raspberry using that ubuntu server for all.

TVShows are in the NAS and shared by NFS
Movies are in the NAS and Shared by NFS
Music are in the NAS and Shared by NFS

The Kodi database use MySQL configured in: advancedsettings.xml
The videodatabase is in the ubuntu server using MySQL
The musicdatabase is in the ubuntu server using MySQL

The Thumbnails are in the ubuntu server configured in: advancedsettings.xml and using smb like:
<substitute> <from>special://thumbnails/</from> <to>smb://p2@</to> </substitute> </pathsubstitution>

and I use the TVheadend addon to wacth the TV. The TVHeadened server is in the ubuntu server too. The raspberry is only the client.

I belive that’s all.

I hope the problem appears to send you the logs.


This is similar to what I have. So suggest you do the upgrades and check how it is afterwards. If you run into problems again than share afterwards the logs

Hi Guys!

I have just Uploaded the logs:

CPU 100%


There are a lof of error of CEC, I belive that is because the configuration for remote is samsung and the TV is LG (and the TV is power off).

But the CPU is 100%

I don’t think it’s tricky at all to issue that command in a ssh session. And why would you need screen to do this?

Might be my personal opinion (and therefore wrong) but if you do a “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” via SSH and the upgrade will upgrade the conman package you will loose connection to your SSH session which would stop the execution of the command. If you do it in a screen session even so the SSH session gets cut off the command will be executed until the end.

I think… (Dangerous… )

The problem of use 100% CPU is a problem of Kodi, because, I try a OpenElec 5.95.5 that use the same version of Kodi 15.1 and apears the same problem…

What do you think??


No need to perform updates via screen.

If the connman-osmc or network-osmc packages are updated connman will be stopped for a short time (typically a few seconds but it can be up to a minute or so) which will cause the network connection to go down, but it will come back up again.

Provided your DHCP server doesn’t try to force OSMC onto a different IP address and provided you don’t push any keys the SSH session will resume as normal when the connection comes back up. I’ve updated this way dozens of times without issue.

If the IP address does change or you hit a key (which can cause your ssh client to time out trying to send that key press) you will need to reconnect the ssh connection, however apt-get will not terminate just because the first ssh connection closes - it will always run through to completion with or without the ssh connection.

Hi DBMandrake,

many thanks for your feedback, then I will omit recommending the use of screen for upgrades.
I have fixed IPs assigned in my DHCP to the OSMC machine so that should not be a problem.
Will test it for next upgrade with my local OSMC .



Hi everybody!!

Happy new Year!

I install OSMC on a raspberry pi 1 and two hours later the kodi process = CPU 100%

I upload the logs at:


Someone can help me??

Thanks for your help!


No need to create a new thread for the same issue… Merged…

Just wait a bit. Updating addons and stuff in the background can raise cpu %.

Hi mcobit!!

Thanks for your help!!
After 16 hours at 100% the kodi process return a normal consume:

23.3 25.0 kodi.bin

I get nervous because in my raspberry pi 3 was very fast (better CPU) only a few minutes at 100%




It’s a pity…
My raspberry pi is on 24 hour a day. And it spend more than 18 hours at 100% CPU.
When is 100%, I can NOT use it. Because when I click in TV Shows for example it frozen.

No one have the same problem??

Thanks for your help