2016.02-4 CEC partial fail on input change to OSMC

Just updated to the 201.02-4 update and noticed that when the AV input is changed to OSMC on the Panasonic TV the surround system CEC is partially lost.

Setting to OSMC I lose control of the volume through the surround system and it defaults back to the TV speakers. The surround system volume remains stuck to where it was prior to changing the input source OSMC. I need to use VIERALink Tools to reset the Spaeker Selection to the surround system.

EDIT: Changing back to watch TV or across to the Apple TV reactivates the surround system volume and it works as it should. THIS IS NOT CORRECT - JUST TESTED AGAIN. CEC volume control of surround system is lost when changing back to other sources

http://paste.osmc.io/gagaherosu (I think I had debugging set incorrectly)

Was all working fine until this update. @sam_nazarko Something seems to have been changed in CEC behind the scenes.

Panasonic VIERA V10A TV
Panasonic SC-BT200 Surround System

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Please execute the following commands and report back:

wget --no-check-certificate "https://www.dropbox.com/s/y6weou58vh77win/rbp2-libcec-osmc.deb?dl=1" -O libcec.deb
sudo dpkg -i libcec.deb
sudo reboot

Thanks for the quick response @sam_nazarko. Much appreciated.

This has fixed the issue. Thanks.

This may become problematic again. The build I put here reverts some changes that are needed to resolve another situation: use system audio mode request instead of power on to start AVR reliable by gdachs · Pull Request #208 · Pulse-Eight/libcec · GitHub.

I spoke to @gda today and he says that he needs the change for reliable operation with his receiver.

It seems like this is expected behaviour but I have linked him to this post and your logs anyway


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No, I didn’t say that it is expected behavior. I just can’t see what is wrong with my change, it corresponds to the hdmi cec specification. I have tested with my Samsung TV, Denon AVR, Wetek Core and Play with OpenELEC and a Nvidia Shield TV. I can’t see this problem.

Apologies, I misunderstood.

It may be possible that these two additional patches cause issue, and are no longer needed. I would need to ask @mk01.




Thanks for looking into this.


Would you be happy to try some more builds? I can produce one with both above patches reverted but the @gda one re-added and you can let me know if the issue still persists.

Sure Sam - glad to.

I unfortunately won’t be able to do it today but will get time tomorrow afternoon our time. Melbourne, Aus.

How do I revert?

@sam_nazarko I am free for the next few hours.


On Sunday, I’ll be pushing an update with the new CEC library that affected you. It would be good if we could try and resolve that issue before Sunday.

Please try this build and let me know if CEC works normally. There will probably be two more builds to try (to bissect the offending patch).

You can wget the Deb and use dpkg -i to install it as before.



wget --no-check-certificate "https://www.dropbox.com/s/xyk0m5v741c1kjj/rbp2-libcec-osmc-nomk.deb?dl=0" -O libcec.deb
sudo dpkg -i libcec.deb
sudo reboot

This one does not work. Partial loss.

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I don’t understand what you mean by ‘partial loss’. If you want to wget the Deb directly, you will need to change dl=1 to avoid the HTML download page, otherwise SCP the Deb over.

dl=1 to avoid the HTML download page

Got it.

With “partial loss” I mean that CEC control is still available and working ie; I can control OSMC via my Panasonic remote but the volume control of the Panasonic surround system is lost.

So I can’t control the volume of the surround system anymore - it stays stuck on the current volume and volume control reverts to the TV itself. The only way to get the surround system volume control back is to re enable it via the Viera Tools button. Changing sources loses surround system volume control again.

This means that it is @gda’s patch introducing this behaviour. Please replicate the issue from a clean boot with debug logging enabled from the start and post logs on our Pastebin

The patch does resolve a lot of CEC issues and for some users CEC does not work without it, so I am keen to keep it in for Sunday’s update

It’s been pushed since Saturday and I haven’t seen any reports of significant regressions so I am inclined to keep this in for now and provide this Dropbox binary as a fallback to those affected

Understood - unfortunate. Logs below (fresh reboot for both):

http://paste.osmc.io/nupoxevoqo (libCEC logging enabled)

Hopefully this can be fixed.

Thanks again Sam.

Would you like me to try your other builds @sam_nazarko?

Kids and wife not happy with this change at all…

Sorry to hear that

In the interim, you can always use the CEC build I posted which you said didn’t have any issues until we work out what’s up.

No probs, at least it’s easily fixed with the interim build. Thanks - all good.