3D Frame Packed output

Sounds like it’s all going well 3D wise.

I know the answer is usually ‘when it’s ready’ but do you think the public build will be available within the next 6 months?

There are already public builds and you are welcome to test with 4.9

I think we will be shipping 4.9 as standard within six months.

Sorry Sam, when I said ‘public’ I was meaning a version that everybody has by default. For example when you hit download update and it’s automatically there without special coding or installs. That’s just my bad use of the word public.

Got you. I’d expect that to be available within 6 months, yes.

How i can install this 3D Frame packed version?

It’s only available in the testing version. So only follow if you are not afraid of having things not working from time to time.

What do i need to install this repository? Is any additional program needed? I don’t care if something doesn’t work, I just need 3D support.

Yes, just add the repository as explained in the first post in the linked thread.

Ok, I logged via the command line, but i don´t see anyfile called /etc/apt/sources.list.

Are you sure you know what you are doing? You would need to use an editor (e.g. nano) to edit that file.

Here is a cheatsheet and some tutorials for how to navigate in a Linux shell: Cheatsheets and Tutorials for users new to Linux based operating systems


3D MVC doesn´t work with this update?

You need to install the 3D test build.

Where is? I don´t see it.

You need to install the 4.9 repository.

It´s installed but 3D doesn’t work.

You probably didn’t re-install the Kodi build after upgrading

I don´t do that.

You need to do that for 3D support again.

When i download Kodi build?

I’ve covered this in detail in the 4.9 thread.