3D Frame Packed output

For a while now, we’ve been working on adding support for Frame Packed (MVC) output when playing 3D content.

Side-by-side and Top-and-bottom output have been possible for some time over the years, but this isn’t ideal as the resolution is halved. With these test builds, you should be able to play MVC content and output as Frame Packed 3D if your equipment supports it. These are still test builds, and we need more feedback before we can make this part of OSMC as standard.

Many thanks to @tanio99 for stepping up and helping with this. He has been very helpful.

Install instructions

3D MVC support is now part of our 4.9 builds. You can learn more about this new video stack here. Please continue to post 3D related issues and questions in this thread, making it clear that you are using the new 4.9 kernel.

Note: these builds are based Kodi Leia (v18) which is currently a stable build. These changes are not available for Kodi Matrix (v19) at the time of writing.

Known issues

Known issues will be added here as they are reported. When reporting an issue, please provide debug logs and let us know what equipment you are using.

  • Macroblocking with some video files

Solved issues

Solved issues will be added here as they are fixed.

25th March 2020

  • Fixed playback of files with ‘NTSC’ flag that would previously stutter

3rd January 2020

  • This version supports 3.14 and 4.9
  • ISO support fixed

17th November 2019

  • Always set stereo mode for H264/MVC video streams. This fixes M2TS MVC support
  • Leave 3D mode handling to the kernel

14th September 2019

  • Based on Kodi v18.4
  • Fixed issues with subtitle scaling when playing files with PGS subtitles. Note that this needs testing, even with 2D content
  • Seamless branching issues are fixed – caused issues with some titles such as ‘Alita’
  • Fixed an issue which caused problems playing back UHD content after playing a 3D title
  • Improved seeking after forwards / backward skips
  • Flip eyes now works for MVC video viewed in 2D.

21st August 2019

  • Added support for right-eye-first content
  • Added support for ISO playback
  • Fixed frozen playback with some files


25th March 2020 - 4.9 version released under new video stack
3rd January 2020 - 4.9 version released; fix ISO support
17th November - final 3.14 version is released
15th September - further improvements and fixes made
21st August - improvements and fixes made.
7th August - initial version


Most of my 3D content is in M2TS format at the moment, and it doesn’t seem to recognise those as 3D. (They play in 2D okay).

Is that what we would expect at this stage?

Check known issues

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Yes – that’s explained above. Try playing some files in an MKV container.

I’ll do some remuxing.

If I go into Settings/System/Display and change “Stereoscopic 3D mode / Current” to “Hardware based”, would you expect that to be working correctly at this point?

Yes – for MKV files.

I have a lot of Full Frame 3D in my collection, but I really don’t have any 3D MKV file, even not one for a test. So I will go and find one, but for me this solution will not do. Hopefully the ISO/SSIF support will come (a bit sooner) in the near future :wink:

So I will still be using the special MVC 18 Build for Windows for 3D (and more).

Appreciate the effort and support though, great job :clap:

That setting switches you into 3D mode even when you aren’t actually playing anything. And it goes crazy when I try it - doesn’t switch to 3D, but all kinds of flashing display corruption.

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/bubixetira

You don’t need to set it if your MKV has proper flagging.

As always, logs and details about the equipment you are using helps.

One step at a time. It would still be good to get feedback for 3D MKVs.

Link to logs is in my previous post. Vero 4K+ is connected to a Lumagen RadiancePro processor, which is connected to an LG OLED65G6 television.

I need to add more logging to gather 3D capabilities.

The output of disp_cap_3d would be useful to see the capabilities. Can you also try rebooting and directly to the TV?

Directly to the TV is going to involve a lot more crawling around on the floor than I can cope with tonight. I’ll have a go tomorrow.

You’ll have to tell me what to type at the command-line to get that.

cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap_3d

OK so after some testing my observations are:

3D mkvs play well in FP mode although I did noticed some corruption or decoding errors when playing A Christmas Carol.

UHD files now don’t seem to have any OSD and some play half screen, even after a reboot, very strange.

Black levels on all content and menus seems to be raised.

Flip eyes doesn’t work so on some right eye first content such as The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey theres no way to watch it correctly.

I think I know how to fix this.

Really appreciate the feedback


No worries Sam, I really appreciate the effort you’re putting in to get this working for us!

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This should be normal as all 3D TVs boost up their brightness a lot for use with 3D shutter glasses. But the goal would be that the black level should be fine again when watching with 3D glasses on.

Well from my quick testing it looked like brightness levels had been universally raised on the Vero, so any content I played - 4K, normal 1080 stuff was all brighter than before.

Its also strange that this test build has affected UHD playback.

That we haven’t noticed on our test setups.

It’s not strange, no. We’re aware there’s an issue with UHD 2D content. We were only able to reproduce this after playing MVC content output as SBS/TAB. It was not a general problem after MVC 3D FP output for us.
Could you describe what you’re doing exactly so that UHD playback is borked?