3D Frame Packed output

Yes, it’s the driver. But it isn’t the code that feeds the decoder, but the code that takes the decoded frames from the decoder which had that bug.

Sam, if that support is EOL, does that mean you guys won’t be able to fix and release a final build of 3D support or is this more of a potential issue down the road?

Only one way to find out. We have some ideas on how to resolve the last few issues and have also requested some more information from the SoC vendor.

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We were able to resolve the issue with stuttering with videos that have an NTSC flag.

We aren’t able to resolve the macroblocking issues because we believe these are micro-code related. We have contacted AMLogic and send them an affected bitstream at their request. They’ve ticketed this on their internal JIRA, but have stated that they won’t be able to look at this issue for a while.

With the next build and public testing of 4.9, 3D Frame Packed playback should work reliably.


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Thanks Sam.
Hope to test next build soon.

Do you know some date for new build?

When it’s ready. We have merged in 4.19 code with our 4.9 build so we are better equipped to move to a newer kernel in the future which supports V4L2/GBM. The final issues are being resolved now.

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Thanks Sam!

I tried this build on the MVC MKVs I had in my library.
I found some that run fine as frame packed, and some that seem not detected as 3D and produced an over-under image.
The only difference I found is the files not running/detected correctly do not have the stereomode set in the mkv header, while the working files have it properly set at 13.
Is it that this header line must be set properly for detection?
I saw on the Kodi wiki that one could “manually select” stereo mode but I did not find the option.

Yes. You can also rename your files to indicate that it’s a MVC one. Just scroll up some messages. That issue was already discussed here.

Indeed. Putting 3D.MVC will trigger the regex check.

Yep, gotcha, it does :slight_smile: Cheers.

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When I get updates available, if I upgrade to the most recent version, I lose the 3D MVC, the movies are played in 2D and the option of 3D hardware playback disappears and I have to reinstall the 3D MVC command line and for that I have to go back to a previous version, not the most recent one, does it happen to anyone else?

Sure. Updating gives you the latest release, whatever that is; if the latest mainstream version is more recent than the latest 3D test build, then that’s what you’ll end up with.

then I’ll keep the previous version, thanks angry.sardine!

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Hello, my first post here!
I just buy the vero 4k+, 6 days ago and this was the main reason, 3D mvc movies. I’ve follow the install steps from the first post. Every thing was OK, but yesterday I just forget do not make the update, wich I did! Now that I have the latest update, I need to repeat all the 5 steps to update the microcode or is just enough to do the “wget” - “dpkg” things? My English is not perfect😜

no need for microcode

OK, thanks!

To do the test build do I enter everthing inside the blue box or just what is in “…”

The four lines in the blue box are four different commands that must be run exactly as shown