3D Interface

Sam, while I’m there, does the new vero 4K have the same bug as the vero 2 on the display of the 3D interface (which causes the crash) ?

I remind you that without this interface that doubles in SBS or TB menus and subtitles during playback, it is impossible:

  • navigate the menus in 3D mode during playback
  • read the text subtitles with 3D SBS or TB

in raspberry pi, work perfectly, but raspberry pi ignore h265 and a fortiori the 4K…

PS : testing : during playback (1080 video, even not 3D)
clic OK
choise below the video menu
choise item 3d mode : SBS - exit video menu
new menu appears below: 3D mode, activate

2 result :
1 - crash (Vero 2) - not working
2 - the menu is split (in this example in SBS) - all is correct for 3D (like raspberry)


The Vero 2 shouldn’t crash when playing 3D content. I would need to see a log to fix that.

Vero 4K currently supports 3D SBS. We are working on support for further 3D formats. If you name the file correctly (needs 3D in the name), then Kodi will switch the interface to 3D.

Make sure you select 3D (if necessary) on your TV. Things will then look as expected.


The Vero 2 shouldn’t crash when playing 3D content

did I mention that?

Please please ! Sam, stop mistake !
I speak of Kodi 3d INTERFACE !!! not 3D mode in TV

test please on Vero 2 and Vero 4K :
If you don’t test this, do not answer on another subject that I did not address

PS : testing : during playback (1080 video, even not 3D the test is the interface test, not a film test)
clic OK
choise below the video menu
choise item 3d mode : SBS - exit video menu
new menu appears below: 3D mode, activate

2 result :
1 - crash (Vero 2) - not working
2 - the menu is split (in this example in SBS) - all is correct for 3D (like raspberry)


You need to manually select 3D mode on your TV. Then things will look fine.
You won’t get a 3D GUI for 2D content though; files need to be named correctly as well so Kodi will prompt you to select 3D SBS or Monoscopic.

I would need a debug log to investigate that.

3D SBS is working OK on Vero 2 and Vero 4K here.

you do not test anything, you answer without knowing


test or do not answer

Please provide a debug log of any crashes, or we cannot solve the issue.

3D SBS is working on both devices. It’s all been discussed before here, including subtitles and the interface in 3D. It works for this user.

Tested on 2017.10-1 release on Vero 4K.

I would choose option 2 :wink:


OK, post the same kind of image (with Vero 4K!) as mine (here with raspberry pi) where we see the splitted screen in Kodi 3D Interface (here in SBS)

here, is not a 3D video, no importance, just see the 3D Interface, If no crash (as Vero 2), then OK (as Raspberry Pi): so, with a 3D video, when we put TV in 3D mode, we see correctly the interface and subtitles

, and … (if you post the same kind of picture with Vero 4K)

I believe you and I buy a Vero 4K :grin:

NB: This is the ONLY way to read 3D with subtitles in text mode! it’s the only way to navigate in contextual menu during playback in 3D mode: when we have this screen, with a 3D film (for sample SBS) once the TV in 3D mode, we can read menu and txt subtitle normally !
You can even set the depth of these displays in Kodi (on the screen, in front of or behind the screen) : menu Interface/Skin, and also the deep of subtitle in 3D mode: menu Player/Language
Sam, I have a long ago a raspberry pi, I change it with each new version, until I buy a Vero 2: I know and perfectly master everything related to 3D, all options!
So do not ask me something basic like “put TV in 3D mode”!

I know what I’m talking about, I want to be able to use the 3D interface!
If with Vero 4K it is possible; prove me by posting what I ask you, and I buy this
thank you

I will take some photos or a video for you later today. Hopefully it will meet your requirements / reassure you


Some picture in 3D mode (TV)

3D Interface with a video 3D SBS, TV mode in 2D

the same, I switch the TV to 3D mode
(everything is correct, we can read the menus)

without 3D interface, 3D TV Mode
(We can’t read menus and subtitles)

morality: 3D interface is essential in 3D TV mode
raspberry pi can, Vero 2 can’t
I hope the vero 4k can do it

I confirm I get the same kind of picture. I can’t post as the screenshot function only captures one half, and I’m short of time right now to faff with a camera.

If you have a problem with vero2, post the information needed so people can help you.

Hi @thry.martin

As mentioned this morning, 3D SBS is working as expected.

  1. I selected a 3D SBS film
  2. I selected ‘Same as movie (preferred)’ when prompted about 3D Output
  3. I press the 3D button on my Optoma projector and select SBS.

The image looks OK and the interface looks OK too.

See the attached images and let me know if you need any more information

I thought long enough about what you just tested, but finally, really sorry:

This is not what I asked for, I gave a “precise” procedure so I’m not sure that the interface is activated: show me the interface without switching in 3D TV: as here

PS, no need to have a 3D movie or TV enabled in 3D mode, the duplication of the interface mode SBS or TB me enough

reminder testing:
during playback (1080 video, not a test test, not a movie test)

  • click OK
  • choise below the video menu
    and choise item 3d mode: SBS - exit video menu
  • new menu appears below: 3D mode, activate (NOT on TV! in the Kodi 3D menu!)

thank you

Are you saying you want a 3D interface, even when watching 2D video?

I don’t really think anyone understands your question. But others have said 3D SBS works as expected

I just want see the 3D interface ! I just want to see as in the picture above!
If OK, in 3D it will be OK !
(I remember that this kind of image is IMPOSSIBLE to get with a Vero 2 but OK with a raspberry, if OK with Vero 4K, show me, please)

no need to understand, just show me that :

no need to understand, just show me something that looks like that and that proves that the interface is in 3D mode

thank you

I think perhaps it’s a language thing, but you’re coming off a bit rude, dude.

From the last post I believe he wants to see a sbs video with sbs interface/overlay (like his last screenshot) since it it looks like that everything should be OK when he switches the TV to 3d mode.

I hope this is what you mean

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OK, if it’s with Vero 4K, all is correct
Thank You

But if you’re asking for this photo to plan a purchase of the Vero 4k, why not post the Vero 2 issue in the forum, too and let the devs fix the 3D menu/overlay problem? :joy:
It’s still worth fixing that, isn’t it?

Yes, that’s on the Vero 4K