Is this device supporting 3D-MVC?


Yes – the support is the same as on Vero 4K / 4K +


As Sam says, the Vero V’s 3D support is exactly the same as the Vero 4K’s. This unfortunately means that the same handful of movies that show occasional bursts of something like macro-blocking will exhibit the same behaviour on the Vero V, and that this can’t ever be fixed. I should emphasise that only a small number of 3D films do this, but it includes a couple of high profile examples like Avatar and Gravity.

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Indeed, that’s why I was careful to say it’s the same.

That is enough for me :slight_smile:

I will place an order soon.

Hi. Sam mentioned in Kodi forum that the affected 3D ISO’s being remuxed to MVC MKV’s would resolve the macroblocking issue? Want to confirm with users. Thanks.

IIRC, someone mentioned that he successfully re-encoded such a clip and got rid of the macroblocking issue. But I couldn’t verify it.

Just a heads up, the re-release of Avatar 3D doesn’t have the macroblocking.


There have definitely been reports that transcoding fixes these issues.

There was one report that remuxing also resolved a macro blocking issue but I don’t believe changing container (ie MKV) was what made the difference

Hi Sam, I would be interested to find out more what remuxing option may have fixed the macroblocking.

Just to echo the others, simply remuxing ISO to MKV definitely doesn’t help; you can even cut out a 30-second section around the place where you get a burst of macro-blocking, and still see it happen in the same place.

I was surprised that remuxing was reported to work.

Obviously transcoding fixes the problem but we have known this for years.

Hmm, too bad, thanks for replying. Too bad AmLogic doesn’t care about fixing their MVC decoder :(. I’ll stick w/Dune & Zidoo for 3D.

They are still marketing it in their QRM, so I will keep hounding and will do so in the next meeting.

I think the problem is that the 3D MVC was an external acquisition a long time ago and any limited knowledge regarding the decoder is more limited than ever and there’s limited scope to fix things. AMLogic did confirm that they could reproduce the bug and said they might need to involve the VSLI team to investigate, but things stagnated since.

We’re probably the only customer that actually correctly implemented Frame Packed MVC. The AMLogic implementation doesn’t work and is plagued with even basic off-by-one errors.

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Thanks Sam