4k+ CEC EARC issue

Disabling CEC in Kodi will only fix an issue that is caused by incorrect communication to/from the Vero (like a command that is sent that you didn’t want it to like an ‘i’m awake’ signal that turns your TV on in the middle of the night). The common issue here (I believe) is one where the voltage on pin 13 drops too low. If any device connected to pin 13 grounds it out it typically drops the voltage on the line for all devices thereby bringing down all CEC communication. There was in the past (at least in the US) this problem with quite a few old cable boxes. Even the earliest Raspberry Pi could develop this fault when a component that was connected from PSU ground to pin 13 for hot plug protection failed and lowered the resistance (or something to that effect. Its been a while since I looked into it). IIRC they updated the design so it pulled ground for the protection circuit from HDMI instead and that fixed the issue. I’ve also read reports of this issue when there was too many devices connected and that dropped the voltage too low even though it would work if you removed any single device in the setup. Basically, CEC was not built to be all that robust. My Vero has the same issue. I just took a very small screwdriver and pushed pin 13 in a couple times until it was recessed enough it no longer would make contact when it was plugged in. I’ve been running it like that for a long time without any issue.