4k+ CEC EARC issue

Hi kst.vero, Is there any guide on here to rollback? I couldn’t seem to find one and couldn’t see any options on the Ver0 4k+ itself, I too am experiencing the issue have been since the update.

You can install older versions of OSMC from Download - OSMC in the interim.

@sam_nazarko may we please have an update about possible resolution paths through a next update?

I may have missed an update in associated topics. This issue dims my OSMC experience for months now but would prefer to wait a push solving it rather than rolling backing to march image.

The focus was on releasing Kodi v19.5 which was done today, and we will now look towards Kodi v20.

Unfortunately I don’t have an update at this time. We don’t really have a way of reproducing CEC / eARC issues, and we’ve restored the state of the CEC subsystem to how it was in previous updates with a number of users reporting improvements. Unfortunately team members don’t have much in the way of CEC setups either, so for now I don’t have an update to give you.

Hi @sam_nazarko
You mentioned 22nd December you reverted some CEC code; nothing was mentioned in the blog post with the latest update though. Sadly the problem is still present.
Unlike others I do not put my Vero to sleep, it uses so low power anyway.

Totally accept you can’t replicate all scenarios, if it will help you can SSH into my Vero.

Hi Sam,

I have been chasing an EARC problem with one of my setups. Vero 4K → Sony 55X90J → AppleTV → pair of HomePods. I have been thinking it was the AppleTV as EARC has been in beta until latest update. Now I am wondering if it could be related to this Vero 4K CEC EARC issue. I’d like to test it with an older image, but the oldest I am seeing out in the Download area is 22.09-01. It sounds like I need 22.03-01 to go back before this issue cropped up. Could you post that image out to the download area?


Good evening @sam_nazarko The CEC/EARC lock up happened today whilst I was out and managed to get it whilst I was logging: