4k+ CEC EARC issue

Hi kst.vero, Is there any guide on here to rollback? I couldn’t seem to find one and couldn’t see any options on the Ver0 4k+ itself, I too am experiencing the issue have been since the update.

You can install older versions of OSMC from Download - OSMC in the interim.

@sam_nazarko may we please have an update about possible resolution paths through a next update?

I may have missed an update in associated topics. This issue dims my OSMC experience for months now but would prefer to wait a push solving it rather than rolling backing to march image.

The focus was on releasing Kodi v19.5 which was done today, and we will now look towards Kodi v20.

Unfortunately I don’t have an update at this time. We don’t really have a way of reproducing CEC / eARC issues, and we’ve restored the state of the CEC subsystem to how it was in previous updates with a number of users reporting improvements. Unfortunately team members don’t have much in the way of CEC setups either, so for now I don’t have an update to give you.

Hi @sam_nazarko
You mentioned 22nd December you reverted some CEC code; nothing was mentioned in the blog post with the latest update though. Sadly the problem is still present.
Unlike others I do not put my Vero to sleep, it uses so low power anyway.

Totally accept you can’t replicate all scenarios, if it will help you can SSH into my Vero.

Hi Sam,

I have been chasing an EARC problem with one of my setups. Vero 4K → Sony 55X90J → AppleTV → pair of HomePods. I have been thinking it was the AppleTV as EARC has been in beta until latest update. Now I am wondering if it could be related to this Vero 4K CEC EARC issue. I’d like to test it with an older image, but the oldest I am seeing out in the Download area is 22.09-01. It sounds like I need 22.03-01 to go back before this issue cropped up. Could you post that image out to the download area?


Good evening @sam_nazarko The CEC/EARC lock up happened today whilst I was out and managed to get it whilst I was logging:


Anyone tried to January release yet? Does it fix the problem? I read the blog but it notes nothing about CEC.

We didn’t change anything.

Hey everyone, I wish I found this forum earlier or read something about Vero / ARC / soundbar. I had no idea that this could happen. Here’s my story, and I’ll try to make it quick:

  1. Last year I bought an LG OLED tv and installed it. Loved it!
  2. Months later, My Vizio soundbar stopped working after a power outage.
  3. Nothing would make it work again, so I bought a Nakamichi setup.
  4. Same problems, frustrating. LG sent a tech to swap out the TV’s mainboard.
  5. LG sent more techs, after two more visits they gave up and bought the TV back from me (refunded my purchase price and wanted a photo of the cut in half serial sticker).
  6. Bought a Sony Bravia OLED. Ugh - same ARC issues with the TV + Nakamichi
  7. Spent weeks trying to diagnose with Sony & Nakamichi. Nakamichi even had me mail the soundbar to them for diagnostics - everything checked out OK.
  8. Gave up and bought a Sony soundbar - figuring “apples to apples” would work together properly.
    9 Last night had the same issues - tried all sorts of things and discovered that leaving the Vero unplugged let the soundbar work perfectly, even after powering the TV off and then back on (which is where the ARC problems would start).
  9. Googled “vero arc soundbar” and found these types of threads.

So my solution, which worked out well and seems to have solved the problem, is to add a “CEC blocker” between the Vero and the TV. This doesn’t degrade the signal at all and everything just works! Here’s the adapter I added to make my life happy again:

So a $15 adapter solved my issues, and would have saved me hundreds of dollars and countless hours of wasted troubleshooting, along with dealing with LG, Sony, and Nakamichi.

Hope this helps someone else out as it sure made my life better after adding that adapter.



Disabling the CEC controller of your Vero should also do the trick, if I’m not mistaken.

You would think so, but not from my experience…

I bought the same piece for use with my Vero and my new Pioneer AVR.
The Vero was wreaking havoc when it was plugged in, even though I have always run it with CEC disabled.
Using that BlueRigger, all is fine.

Disabling CEC in Kodi will only fix an issue that is caused by incorrect communication to/from the Vero (like a command that is sent that you didn’t want it to like an ‘i’m awake’ signal that turns your TV on in the middle of the night). The common issue here (I believe) is one where the voltage on pin 13 drops too low. If any device connected to pin 13 grounds it out it typically drops the voltage on the line for all devices thereby bringing down all CEC communication. There was in the past (at least in the US) this problem with quite a few old cable boxes. Even the earliest Raspberry Pi could develop this fault when a component that was connected from PSU ground to pin 13 for hot plug protection failed and lowered the resistance (or something to that effect. Its been a while since I looked into it). IIRC they updated the design so it pulled ground for the protection circuit from HDMI instead and that fixed the issue. I’ve also read reports of this issue when there was too many devices connected and that dropped the voltage too low even though it would work if you removed any single device in the setup. Basically, CEC was not built to be all that robust. My Vero has the same issue. I just took a very small screwdriver and pushed pin 13 in a couple times until it was recessed enough it no longer would make contact when it was plugged in. I’ve been running it like that for a long time without any issue.

^ This is the way.

This disables CEC completely? Meaning i won’t be able to use my TV remote to control the Vero 4K?
Not really a solution if that is the case. I’ll stick with 22-3 release.

It removes all CEC communication to or from the device using the modified cable/CEC-less adapter. It does not effect CEC communication between other connected devices attached to the same display.

It would prevent a TV remote from controlling a Vero using the CEC protocol. If the remote is a universal type that has the ability to control additional devices via infrared or Bluetooth a Vero can be configured to be controlled using either of those.

I’ve had my 4k+ for many moons now. It has always caused my receiver to randomly come on and then turn off by itself at all hours. I’m fine with that. This CEC issue is new, basically started for me the past 6mo or so. I like using my receiver remote but every day now I have to reboot the Vero so ARC will work again. My tv isn’t able to output to my receiver until I do.

I’ve disabled CEC to see if that helps. Eventually will do the HDMI cable pin 13 trick if disabling CEC doesn’t work. It is DEFINITELY an issue with OSMC since I didn’t experience this a year ago. It’s not the vero itself. This issue began after an update but I don’t know which one.

I spent so much time worried that it was my TV or receiver. I updated them, tried different cables, etc. Once the Vero is off everything is perfect. Don’t even need to reboot any other device.

I have above mentioned CEC issues since around the same time. Vero 4K+, Denon ARC receiver, LG G1

Yup! My wife is getting tired of it more than I am. I’m on a Sony 65x930e and Yamaha RX-A2070. Luckily there is the Kore mobile app to save a lot of hassle.