4K Video, 5.1 Audio, currently both together not possible

Hello together, two days ago my 4K+ arrived, solved already some items, but I’m still struggeling with this: Only purpose for the Vero is to show videos (mostly made by myself) and possibly pictures which are stored on my local NAS. The TV is a 4K Sony Android, the Receiver an about 10 year old Yamaha. When I connect the Vero with the Receiver and the Receiver with the TV vs. HDMI, I get correct 5.1 sound but only 2K Video, the Yamaha is to old for this. Connecting the Vero via HDMI directly to the TV gives 4K Video but only two channel audio via HDMI and ARC. (my Fire TV4K is connected in the same way and with Amazon Prime Videos all is working fine). My idea was now to make a second connection with the optical output from the Vero to a free input of the Receiver. The cable arrived today, but unfortunately it is still only two channel audio. Is there something I have to activate? Thanks in advance, Georg

Have you configured any audio under Settings -> Audio?

Under settings, system, audio: defaul PCM, 5.1, best match, 90, yes, no, 0%, 0db, medium, 2, off, no. Then allow passthrough and all items of capable receiver (of course my receiver is not capable of all these formats)

I used to have a setup similar until I upgraded my Yamaha to a newer model that supported 4K. From memory, this is how I had my audio configured to get 5.1 via optical:

(All of these settings are under System > Audio. You may need to have Settings level at Expert to see them)

Number of channels: 2.0
Output configuration: Best match
Allow passthrough: Enabled

And the options after that should probably all be enabled, except TrueHD and DTS-HD.

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Check out: Audio hardware and software configuration

Thank you very much for your help, I went through the wiki (which in fact I was looking for in advance without success) and now it works.

This might be a situation where an Egreat H10 or HDFury AVRKey would help.