4k video - too dark

on 4k video playback, the picture is way too dark and the brightness and contrast sliders do not alter this.
any ideas on how i adjust this ?

Is it only an issue for 4K video?

yes it is on 4k video only. Standard 1080p are quite a bit brighter but not as bright as i would expect

Okay – will look in to this.


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I am having this exact same issue, it only occurs with 4K video.

By any chance is your TV 4K but doesn’t support HDR/10 bit?

Yes my TV is 4K but not HDR

Same here. TV is not HDR

In the previous thread I had raised we had got to a point where it was identified that where the video is 10bit, the Vero 4k is not (currently) detecting that the display is 8 bit and outputting accordingly, therefore it is still putting out a 10bit signal to a display that cannot handle it, hence why the image is so dark.

is there anyway to know if the video is 10 or 8 bit and is there nothing we can do at present if we don’t have a HDR TV?

I guess mediainfo will tell you.
Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

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I believe Sam was looking at a way of forcing an 8-bit output where a 10-bit video exists, but i don’t know if he has made any progress.

but it seems that 10bit video is coming out at 8bit according to the other thread so is that the issue?

I dont know that the two issues are related, but I can’t see how because my TV doesn’t support 10-bit, so i can understand why the Vero putting out 10-bit would cause issues. However, if it was only putting out 8 bit then i wouldn’t expect to have an issue.

My previous thread is here - Quality issues with 4k playback

i read your thread and definitely thought you were correct but reading the most recent thread on here it says that the Vero 4 only outputs at 8bit which would mean we shouldn’t have this issue.
can only hope Sam comes up with an answer because at present most of my videos are 4k.

Let’s not mix up threads.
First did you check the mediainfo

I think the one thing we can both agree is there are some issues with Playback of 4k material and it doesn’t seem to be restricted to 10-bit material on an 8-bit tv

i did and they are 10 bit

i also just found an 8 bit 4k video and played that and it was absolutely fine so yes it is a 10bit 4k issue

Probably doesn’t have anything wih video being 8/10bit. You should post the mediainfo of both files.

There’s a bug re. handling of some clips and their colour output. I am working on a fix for this.