4K videos playing wrong size on Vero V

We have developed a hotfix patch to completely reset all the display calibrations which is what causes the picture playing in a quarter of the display. To apply the hotfix you would first need to make sure you have updated to at least the current updates as of the time of this post. You will need to open the My OSMC add-on and navigate to updates (the cloud icon), then “manual controls”. Click on the option for “scan for updates now”. Once all updates are installed, or if it comes back letting you know there are no updates available, you can then click on the “apply hotfix” found in that same location. This will bring up a screen to enter a code. You will need to enter “atapogawak” (without the quotes) and click OK. You will be presented with a warning message that you will need to agree to. Once you select “yes” there should be a couple second wait and then Kodi should reboot. If Kodi does not reboot then the fix was not applied and you will need to try again (possibly paying closer attention that the code was entered exactly).

Note: This hotfix patch does the same modification that the previous manual instructions perform. Additionally this is just a one time reset of calibrations. If a restore is done from older settings in the future the calibrations may need to be cleared again. Also note that this hotfix only affects the master profile. If you happen to be using profiles in Kodi then you will need to ssh into your device and copy the following command in and hit enter which will remove calibrations from all profiles…

systemctl stop mediacenter && find ~/.kodi -type f -name "guisettings.xml" -execdir mv {} {}.bk \; -execdir awk -v RS='' '{sub(/<resolutions>.*<\/resolutions>/,"<resolutions/>"); print>"{}"}' "{}.bk" \; && systemctl start mediacenter

UPDATE: I’ve managed to develop a fix that will silently detect and remove only bad calibrations in isolation including for any user profiles that may be in use. It is planned for release with the next update.