720p H264 playback is broken with Hardware Acceleration Enabled

Hi everybody,

First off, thanks to Sam and the team for making a great product!

Second, I’ve noticed easily reproducible errors playing back 720p H264 videos with hardware acceleration switched on. As far as I’m discerned, this error results from television streams recorded from HDHomerun Prime and Connect devices.

Essentially what happens is that on opening the stream the picture remains static for approximately five to seven seconds while the audio plays in the background, then when the video kicks in, there is constant stuttering. I did see a similar post in reference to Live TV playback (HDTV 720p50 playback problems (stuttering) with DVBViewer setup) so I wonder if the root problem is also at play with recorded television. (I should note that the recommended solution in that post does not fix my issue).

If I turn off hardware acceleration for H264 videos, the files will play normally, but that’s not a longterm solution as other 1080p videos will not play back properly unless hardware acceleration is enabled.

I have created a log after attempting to play “Rear Window”. They’re available here: http://paste.osmc.tv/ocupawubug. Thanks for your help.

Can you produce a small sample that exhibits this problem and send it to me in a PM?


You bet. I’ll send it to you momentarily.

Cheers. I’ll check it shortly