HDTV 720p50 playback problems (stuttering) with DVBViewer setup

Since this week I am the owner of a Vero4K player and I am happy. But now I have a problem.
I recognize stuttering during the live HDTV (720p50) playback and I don’t now why.

All other Kodi Clients (Windows) and the video playback include 4K content on the Vero4K works good.

I use the PVR DVBViewer plugin and the TV Server is running on another machine. The Vero4K is connected via cable to the network.

I tried the following without success:

  • Timeshift enabled/disabled
    (But with timeshift enabled the problem is stronger)
  • Another TV-Server (TvHeadend)
  • Update to the newest pvr.dvbviewer version 2.4.14 (self compiled) (current version was 2.4.11)

Logs can be found here: https://paste.osmc.tv/oyuceruxad
Timestamp: ~11:30 UTC+1

Does anyone have an idea?

Do you have adjust framerate enabled?
If that doesn’t solve it try to disable HW acceleration for 720p

Yes it is enabled and by default I use 1080p50.

How can I do that?

Sorry only saw now you are using dvbviewer (thought you are using tvheadend).
Check this, there seems to be an issue with dvbviewer

Okay it seem there is the same problem.

Currently I test it without h264 hardware acceleration and it seems to work.

Is it possible to configure Kodi to disable hardware acceleration for 720p?
I found only options: Never/HD quality and better/Always

I let the TvHeadend run again to test the HDTV playback and I have to correct my first comment. The playback is smooth as I like but with TvHeadend I have other two problems:

  • If I use timeshift then the video is stuttering (Press pause, wait some seconds and play again)
    Possible that this is depended to the tv server configuration
  • I missed the easy configuration of DVBViewer and other out of the box functionalities like standby and wake up for records.

I think Timeshift is quite broken in TVH

It indeed is :joy::roll_eyes:

Okay then I will go back to DVBViewer and hope for fixes with the hardware acceleration.

“HD quality and better” will disable it for 720p

I will try it tonight. It cloud be a good workaround until a fix is given.

That doesn’t work. The hardware decoding (am-h264) is still active :frowning:.

Im using

and all runs very well including timeshift.
If you’re recording/timeshifting to a NAS, think about you’re creating 3 streams with it: One coming from the TVheadend server, one writing the timeshift to the NAS and another one reading timeshift from the NAS … and that with a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface of the Vero 4k. That could start to saturate the available bandwidth of the Vero 4K.

In addition some OSMC settings which seem to be important (to me):

  • Settings → Live TV → Playback → Fallback Frequence = 50 Hz (all DVB-C channels here are in 50 Hz)
  • Settings → Player → Video
    -Adjust Display Refresh Rate = On Start/Stop (if set to ALWAYS the screensaver will not work anymore playing music)
    -Sync Playback to Display = OFF (ON would deactivate audio passthrough)
    -Allow Hardware Acceleration - amcodec = ON (default)
    -Accelerate MPEG2 = always (default)
    -Accelerate MPEG4 = HD and up (default)
    -Accelerate H264 = always (default)

To make it more sick, with this configuration and used add-on setup of TVheadend and Tvheadend HTSP Client (PVR), sometimes video stutter starts if I DEACTIVATE the hardware acceleration (which also is more logical to me) but I haven’t invested time to find out what are the circumstances for this behaviour.

Thats strange, maybe @sam_nazarko want to check. To help him there can you upload debug enabled logs?

Isn’t 720P classified as HD? Opposed to Full HD (1080P)

“HD and up” means “720p and up” … just tested.

The problem with the stuttering at HDTV 750p50 is still present in OSMC 2017.12-1.

Have you tried the TVHeadend HTSP PVR Client instead of DVBViewer?
Just to see whether the problem is isolated to dvbviewer.

Yes…, as I wrote a few comments before, the problem with TvHeadend is the timeshift and this problem is present on all my clients. The DVBViewer client has only a problem on the Vero4K so I think it depends to the Vero4K environment.

You wrote that your TvHeadend setup works as expected include timeshift but the difference between our setups is that my TvHeadend server runs on a seperate x86-64 Kubuntu system and not directly on the Vero4K.

May I ask you to change the thread title since it seems to be a specific dvbviewer plugin issue? The current title suggests a general 720p 50 Hz playback problem with the Vero 4k which was the reason I looked into this at all, thx. I keep my fingers crossed that you get some help for the DVBViewer.