A bit of praise

I’ll cut a long story short, as Ive seen Sam and co getting quite a bit of stick recently from impatient people almost demanding the release of Kodi 18, and I don’t think its on considering what he provides us with.

A couple of weeks ago, due to my incompetence and not paying attention, I managed to brick my Vero 4K+, I completely wrote over the emmc storage, rendering it completely broken, no amount of restoring via SD card and poking toothpicks in the back of it was gonna bring it back.
Now this wasn’t through the device just breaking down on its own, or even from using it to do things its designed to do, it was solely through my own stupidity…the warranty wasn’t valid anymore.

Thinking the worst, I was bracing myself to have to bin the device and stump up over £100 for a new one.
Sam offered to have a look at the device, and repair it if possible, so not all was lost.

A little over a week later I’m sitting here with a fully functioning Vero4k+ again, good as new, and he repaired it for free, replacing the now botched emmc with a new one, completely free.
As if that wasn’t enough, he even tried to refund £4 P&P back to me where I was unable to correctly print off the returns label when I sent the device to him.

OSMC isn’t a huge company guys, you don’t get treated like this by a huge company…they’d bin the device and I’d be £100 worse off.
This sort of customer service/support is why I and many of you, buy and will continue to buy OSMC products.

Respect where its due, and it’s definitely due here.


Here here! I could care less about waiting a few more weeks for Kodi 18. If anything, I’d prefer that Sam and his team do the QC that is often lacking from big Kodi releases.

In the meanwhile, the steady pace of video improvements to the kernel and the software overall is incredible. OSMC with Vero 4K+ is already far and away the most comprehensively performant plug and play HDR Kodi setup out there, and from the sound of things it will soon support the full extent of HDR metadata.

Just awesome.


Hi @gb160

I didn’t get a chance to reply earlier but appreciated your kind words and I’m glad your device is back in working order.

These comments are always appreciated. With that said, I know people are keen for Kodi v18 to be released and that will happen shortly.

I’ll keep your £4 then and put it towards a pint after we get the next update out.




No worries Sam you deserve it.

I should also put a word of warning to others about how my device became to be bricked, I’ve explained this to you but there’s no harm in pointing out my mistake to others, it might stop someone else buggaring their device.

I was using the sd slot in my 4k+ to write an rpi osmc image, when inserted the sd device is labelled ‘mmcblk1’…the emmc in the 4k+ will by default have the label ‘mmcblk0’…if you’re using the dd command and half asleep like I was, a single digit typo was all it took to brick the device.

Over the years I’ve used the dd command hundreds, possibly thousands of times without issue…but it can bite you in the arse if you’re not paying attention.


Sam provides more genine, and constructive, customer service than anybody I’ve ever known. He’s gone above and beyond to assist me on the occasions I’ve needed help.

The vero4k is the best value and heaviest used gadget I own - perfect given my illness.

My only concern is that Sam works too hard. Any criticisms of his efforts certainly aren’t originated from any of us who’ve ever worked in software or hardware development, or worse, support.

It’s generally a thankless task, but I, for one, raise a hearty Thank You! to Sam.


I bought the Vero4k about a couple of months before the Vero4K+ was announced (was born on the 13 so used to it :laughing:) but that didn’t bother me. The product did what it said on the tin (still does!) and i knew the support was there if needed. The OP’s experiance is fantastic and their post hits the nail on the head - credit where credit is due :+1:

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Why would people be demanding kodi 18 to be released now? I’ve been using kodi 18 since January. Is there some reason everybody can’t just install kodi 18 same as I did? I am not some elite hacker capable of anything any common tinkerer cant handle with ease.
I do appreciate you sharing you troubles with the brick. They really took care of you there. That was pretty cool of them.

Because Kodi 18 was only quite recently officially released.
A lot of people aren’t comfortable with the command line mate, and see nightly releases as scary…these are the people that seem to be upset with the delay.

Ive been on v18 a LOT longer than you, but I’ve stuck with 18.1 as that’s the version (I think) that will be used when OSMC gets its official Kodi 18 update.

@sam_nazarko kudos to you and your team. :smile:
But, please, do not burn out and don’t forget to take a “beer” time for yourself.


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I have found that the support we’re all getting from everyone involved in making the Vero happen is from beyond this planet.
Beyond this universe for that matter.
For Sam and others to find the time to response to every single question asked, no matter if it has been asked a gazillion time already is very very special.
I can’t thank them enough for all of this.
It’s safe to say I almost love my Vero more than the misses :rofl:

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