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Anyone resolved: ““When playing on a different speed the info bar at the bottom of the screen doesn’t hide.”” ?

Also, I don’t have: ““Speed can be changed from the single arrow in the player controls at playback time”” but I change speed from Yatse app. How can I made single arrows appear?


I edited the OSMC skin myself to hide the info bar when playing on different speed. Ask if you want more info about this.

No idea about the yatse app…

Oh! If you can guide me about changing that value of skin it would be great, or attach the xml or whatever.

Did you change the player skin too to make single arrows appear?


You can change the line
player.forwarding | player.rewinding | player.paused | player.istempo
player.forwarding | player.rewinding | player.paused

At line 19 of 16x9/DialogSeekBar.xml

Or you can download the skin with modifications from GitHub - svenjochems/skin.osmc

I’ve made no further changes, single arrow should be present if the option “settings->player->sync playback to display” is enabled.

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Great! Thank you very much Svenn0, no more info bar! Single arrows were there, I simply didn’t know they were because they mix with tradicional fastforward :slight_smile: