Playback speed issues


I like the new Kodi feature which allows to change the playback speed of videos. I also like the fact that this feature is easily accessible through the new osmc skin.

I’m facing a few issues however:

  • When playing on a different speed the info bar at the bottom of the screen doesn’t hide.
  • The playback of the video at different speed is not smooth, I’m noticing little speed variations. Not to the point that it becomes unwatchable but a little annoying.

I’m using the latest Krypton version on rpi2

Just want to report that I fixed the second issue by forking the skin repository and editing the appropriate file.

I don’t know if you guys really see this issue as an issue or if it’s just designed this way, but I just wanted to let you know.

Might be worth submitting a pull request to the skin repo.

Thanks for opening the PR.

I have brought it to the attention of the skinner, @BobCrachett

Sorry to hijack this and hope its not too late. But can you detail how you get this to work?

I have latest Krypton on OSMC/rpi2. But cannot change playback speed. I thought control+right arrow or alt + right arrow. BUt this just fast forwards for me. Are there some key bindings I am supposed to do.

Sorry newbie here!

Ok, figured it out. For anybody else that runs in to this

It should work right out of the box, no need to mess with any settings. Or reset to default.

My problem was that only one alt key would work and not the other. I dont know why. But its working now!

Late summary with my findings on rpi2:

To change playback speed the option “settings->player->sync playback to display” has to be enabled.

Speed can be changed from the single arrow in the player controls at playback time.

If you have issues with playback stuttering, try disabling “settings->player->Adjust display refresh rate”.

If you have no audio on changed playback speed, try changing audio output device (settings->system>audio)

Most of the time I watch at 1.2x and have no problems at all.

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