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Hi Sam,

please tell me I’m dreaming - just got an Odroid N2+ last week as my Vero 4K+ got a bit long in the tooth (well it’s now running smoothly as ever in the guest room)…

What time frame are we talking? I can still return my Odroid till Saturday :wink:

best regards and best of luck with the new device launch!

heh. I see nothing on any pages yet :}
What does the V stand for? V like Very Fast? or V like Virtual?

In fact, thinking about it, put docker on it and download the entire image and run it as docker would be quite easy to maintain. Have to think about it.

But, very good news. Congrats OSMC Team :}

The first commit in github mentioning Vero V.
Support for the Vero V in the installer :slight_smile:

Planning to send me one, are you? :slight_smile:

Vero 4K + was released in Summer 2018 and Odroid N2 was released in February 2019.
We will launch a new model soon. Both will look a bit dated after this release.

V is roman numeral for 5. It’s the 5th Vero.

You never got back to me about the valentine’s day cards.

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lol I really had thought about it but didn’t take it into account!
I like it though :slight_smile:

Oh that sounds really promising. Will the specs be revealed soon or do you think it will need some more month?

Count me in then!

I hope i’ll manage to grab one soon and delegate the odroid to Minecraft serving duties :grin:

Count me in, too. Whatever the specs are, I know it’ll be as well supported and improved as the prior version I’ve enjoyed (Vero 4K and 4K+). I’m definitely in for several!


I’d love one for review… but honestly, if it’s a no, I may buy one anyway and review.

Will the Vero V have substantially better cooling — maybe even a fan?

I’m getting really fed up with my Vero 4K+ deciding that streaming a 4K HDR video from Jellyfin is too challenging and locking up — you’d think something with 4K in the name would be able to manage that.

I’d love for the V to be able to just handle this while running a decent skin like Arctic Zephyr: Reloaded. I don’t think it’s acceptable to keep reading advice that I should use a basic skin that looks ugly just to avoid having it try to do things in the background.

I’ve even bought a heatsink and put it on top — it doesn’t help. At least I can send that back for a refund.

That shouldn’t be a problem. I can see you posted about this in November 2020, but the logs weren’t complete so it was hard to advise what your issue was. Since then I don’t think there’s been a post about this issue since.

I think if Vero 4K could not play back 4K media we would be in a spot of trouble by now


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Thanks — it’s been switched off overnight, so now it’s not running hot enough to reproduce the issue, of course. I’ll post in the other thread when it happens again.

Beefier cooling on the V would still be nice, though!

I will never (again) buy a player with moving parts.

Fans are noisy. Fans break eventually. And if the only benefit is a flashy skin - no way.

(But I guess Sam is aware that most users need a fan in their players as much as a USB popcorn maker…)

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Well, make sure you have plenty for launch because I will definitely want to get the Vero V day one.
I have enjoyed being a Vero 4K+ owner for a long time.
Every time I have an issue Sam and the team are quick to help out.
The support level on this forum is unbelievable!
I don’t know what the new device will offer as far as features over the current Vero 4K+, but there are only a few things I can think of that would be nice that the Vero 4K+ doesn’t do; USB 3, DoVi, and maybe full BD menu support for folders or ISOs.
Other than that the Vero 4K+ has been handling all my needs.
I like to keep my DVD/BD/UHD rips untouched because storage is so cheap.
So I usually do remuxes but it would be nice to be able to do folders or ISOs for those discs that have seamless branching for theatrical and directors cuts because making a remux of both takes up more space than the original disc does.
That, and some have really cool special features.
Not sure how the library would handle that but it would be nice.
Anyway, great job guys with everything you have done so far and I really look forward to your next product!

Hurry up and take my money…!

My hopes would be more USB ports and complete 4K HDR Metadata passthru although this might be working well already on the 4k+


This is already done on 4K/4K+ and V.

Excellent, is the amount of USB ports decided yet?