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The device is already out in the wild :slight_smile:

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Where? I’ve been searching… I currently have the 4k and 4k+

We have already shipped to our team for testing and some B2B customers. The actual launch will be occurring very soon.


Fantastic I’ll keep an eye out for it. Very exciting news and I can see it has 3 USB ports so enough for remote control and 2 hard drives which is what I wanted.

Yes, but make sure those drives are powered sufficiently, and keep in mind that only one USB port is USB-3.0.

Indeed, the integrated remote receiver should be useful.


I see the specs are now in the website. Technical Specifications - Vero V - OSMC

That’s correct. The full specifications have been released. This was raised last week: New Vero? - #187 by sam_nazarko


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Cool. Don’t know how I missed that. Thanks for the link.

Checked the specs, and not sure, but does it support dolby vision colors?
And what about netflix in 1080 or even 4K?

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When turning on the mains power to power the vero v does it start in standby or automatically boot?

I know it’s a low powered device and most users will probally leave it on so I’d imagine it wouldn’t have a power on switch I know previous models didn’t either.

My family have the habbit of turning everything off at night so have to make sure I have the individual switches set to off to stop powering it on Incase they decide to switch off on mains again.

Crazy I know :joy:

I’ll probally just rearrange my devices so it’s separate from the rest.


When you plug it in, it turns on.


Any resoonse to this?

Sorry - a separate thread should have been started for this.

Which question would you like an answer to?


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Not sure why it started a new post in this topic. I was replying to the post from skank 8 days ago, about netflix in 1080p.

The device has Widevine L1 and HDCP2.2 keys burned.

We have done some demos, it works, but we need to get it to work in a consistent way across all Widevine add-ons.

So for now:

  • Vero V has Widevine L1 and HDCP2.2 keys burned. This is reflected in system logs.
  • We use Widevine L3 for now if you use a Kodi Inputstream Adaptive add-on
  • We have sent some samples to developers involved in that area, and we would be developing the implementation for L1 our side, with add-on developers recognising and utilising that implementation over the current L3 solution.
  • 1080p Netflix will work better than it did on Vero 4K/4K+ because we have better software decode performance on S905X4-O than S905X/D.
  • We do not have a Netflix ESN, so we cannot request higher resolution streams. This will not change. But we do have the opportunity to hardware accelerate the Widevine streams we can access, which includes Netflix.



Hello Sam, since receiving my Vero V on all my movies the device freezes. There is also some flickering in the bottom of the screen when this happens. Also SSH and FTP will not work. The device must be switched of power to work. But watching movies is not working now. So I switched to my Vero 4 K+ again and works without problems.

This will happen on random moments during different kind of movies with different kinds of sizes. Also tried movies locally from USB. Same problem.

I have a Vero 4 and 4K+ and there are no problems on those devices with the same wifi and same movies.

This is my latest log file: https://paste.osmc.tv/ijoyobuvut

I hope you have a solution since i was really happy with the 4 and 4K+ and had no problem ever.

Also tried enlarging the video cache in the advanced setting but no luck. Also a clean install of OSMC did not work. Same problem. Freezing and flickering screen when it does on random moments when playing movies.

Try swap the power supplies over

Already tried that as well.

I will check the logs shortly. I assume you have tried a fresh install?

This doesn’t sound like normal behaviour - I’m sure we will get to the bottom of it shortly


Ok great thanks! Yes i did a fresh install already. No luck. Freezes again.