Access OSMC Remotley - Continued

Good evening.

Is there away of accessing my Rasberry Pi running OSMC remotley when i am not on the local network. for example rasberry pi left on at home, go to work log on from work computer and access it that way.

Not looking to mess around with port forwarding. i am just trying to set it up so if my Pi was at say my brothes house i could sftp into it and upload a new file and update the osmc. i think file zilla can do this and maybe Winscp. anyone had any experience doing this. I also read somewhere that VNC was the way to go but its not avaliable in the app store on OSMC screen.

If VNC is the way to go are there any alternatives to VNC that is open source. and what app can i down load on my phone to see if i can sftp into it outside my local network.

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