Access to beta builds?

Would it be possible to download beta builds to make a clean install, instead of having to use command lines and what not?

Right now, you have to edit sources.list to add gmc repository, in order to install Leia (kodi v.18). And run update and then a dist-upgrade. All in commandline :frowning:

We could work on a hotfix for this

A hotfix would be very much appriciated :slight_smile:

I will prepare it. Keep in mind that if you’re using beta builds, you should be aware that they are not stable.

We introduce the barrier to entry, i.e command line use for a reason


Also, there is no returning to stable builds except by complete reinstall.

That is not a problem. Reinstalling is very fast and easy :slight_smile:

If reinstalling is fast and easy, so is manually switching to the beta from command line!


if you don’t want to use the commandline what use as a beta tester are you?


First of all osmc55 aka Simon you are being kinda rude. Second of all I shouldn’t have to be a beta tester in the sense that you think to receive code/beta builds. Code that enables functionality so my device, that I paid for, works as intended.

Just to be clear: are you talking about the builds we call ‘staging’ which are v17 (Krypton) or are you talking about the v18 (Leia) betas?

For Leia, there’s a one-off change to sources.list which is not complicated then future updates can be done from MyOSMC as usual.

A hotfix to get the new fix for lack of 10 bit would be nice. Don’t know if that is Leia?

I shouldn’t have to mess around with command lines to get that functionality and I don’t mind reinstalling player if something goes wrong.

It’s not realistic for us to produce hotfixes for all pre-release improvements


Ok, that clarifies things, you are not looking to use the V18 builds, you are looking for the fixes for the current version for HDR. I think a hotfix is being worked on for that.

With that said, you seem to think you can reinstall easier than the simple few commands to do the fix manually. And from your tone, you are upset that the Vero isn’t properly handling 10bit. Think about what would happen if you had a problem with your LG/Samsung/etc. TV. Would you get a fix within days to test?

No, you’d have to wait weeks/months or never see a fix.

The 10bit problem is being actively worked on. But releasing the fix as a hotfix isn’t realistic, as it’s a work in progress.


so you don’t want to use beta builds to help improve the product, you just hope that it will fix issues you’re seeing. that’s not what beta testing is about. you have to put some effort in to get something out - like using the commandline and providing bug reports etc.

beta builds are likely to have even more problems than you’re currently seeing, for example they may fix 10 bit hdr but then not be able to play sd content at all or all plugins stop working (i’ve seen that in upstream kodi alphas!) if that’s not going to work for you, then stick to stable.