Accessing add-in from the web interface

As i worked on another issue (Set Static IP address from command line on OSMC Raspberry Pi) I discovered that the add-ins, that I routinely used when connected to a monitor with remote, to backup, My OSMC, do network modifications, etc do not seem to be available from the web interface. I see them when I click on the “Add-on’s” icon on the left, But clicking on any of the displayed icon does not start the activity, for example “Backup”. I do see a message on the lower right of the screen that says “Executed Addon”, but nothing else.

Am I doing something wrong?..RDK

The web interface is a very rudimentary way to control Kodi. It isn’t a full fledged interface where you can see the actual screen. My OSMC (like many add-ons) have their own interface that is generated at run type with Python. You won’t see any of that in the interface. The only thing you can really do with the web interface is run My OSMC, which just opens it on the display on which Kodi is running.