Set Static IP address from command line on OSMC Raspberry Pi

I’m running headless OSMC Pi. When I set it up it was connected to a TV monitor and using the remote we were able to do “everything”. I had the MyOSMC add-on which we used to setup both wired and wireless connections.

Recently we moved it off the TV system and are using the web interface. That is also working fine, except on occasion the router will provide a different DHCP IP address and then we have to connect up to the router to figure out the new IP address.

Thus, my question and comment. Without the GUI can we set up the “wired” network interface to have a static IP address? With the GUI I used do this using the My OSMC add-on, but we can not seem to do this from the web interface. Yes, I see that add-on in the “Add-ONs” list in the web interface, but clicking on the MyOSMC block does not seem to do anything. Am I doing something wrong?


Most of the routers I came across allow to assign fix IP addresses to the clients based on the MAC using DHCP, did you check the router manual?

OSMC is using conman for network configuration

@ Fzinken …Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m aware of the router option, but for us that is not available. I had read about the CONMAN option but since I did not find it in the OSMC documentation I was hesitant to do that worrying about unforeseen effects. After some research, I have this Command Line command:

sudo connmanctl config ethernet_aabbccddeeffgghh_cable --ipv4 manual

Where aabbccddeeffgghh is the MAC address of the Pi’s wired Ethernet. Does this look reasonable?..RDK45

We got to it with a monitor and the remote, so used the OSMC options. The above is in reserve. Thanks…RDK