Accessing hard drive attached to Pi 2

Here’s the problem I’m having. I want to be able to access the usb hard drive that I have connected to my Pi 2 from my computer, so when I finish converting a video, I can just drag and drop it from my PC to the hard drive attached to the Pi. The Pi is attached to the network via Ethernet. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I suggest waiting for next build which will include samba server option.

WinScp works for me on the R Pi 2 using OSMC

What’s WinScp?

winscp is an ftp program, think of it as an alternate to filezilla

it should be possible to manually install samba even on Alpha 4. (But at your own risk, as we haven’t tested the latest version of our samba package on Alpha 4)

To install:

sudo apt-get install smb-app-osmc

To remove:

sudo apt-get autoremove smb-app-osmc

(Note: autoremove, not remove)

It will be possible to install Samba from the OSMC settings GUI in the next release.

IT WORKED. Installing Samba did the trick. Thank you!

Hallo MDMandrake, a super tip. functioned like a charm. Got a Pi 2 for my birthday, already had a Pi 1 B for a year or so. Got it, the Pi2, running on a USB 32 GB and have been trying for the SMB network to use the 1 TB media content USB in the house net and wasn’t able to get at it via SMB, until I saw your post,
Went in on Putty and now have full usage of everything - everywhere. Running Alpha 4 on a Pi 2 .
Thanks once again, it works like a charm.