Accessing hard drive on RPi from other Linux Comp

Hey guys,

Following this post from March 15: Accessing hard drive attached to Pi 2 suggesting there would be an updated version of OSMC with Samba.

I’d like to connect to my hard drive on RPi3 from my Linux laptop. Could you please let me know how? Thanks.

Did you look in the MyOSMC app store?

There is a Samba server app. However, isn’t Samba meant for access from Windows only?

nope can be used from linux too, however nfs is the native protocol

You can use NFS or CIFS (through Samba), it all depends on what level of user access control you want and which user you want the files to be read/written as.

NFS will try and use the uid/guid of the logged in user on the client machine, whereas CIFS/Samba will use the uid/guid of the server side user credentials you specify when you mount the share.

There isn’t really a native protocol for Linux. Both SMB/CIFS and NFS are supported in the Linux kernel. However, NFS is more preferred on Linux systems.

Hi there,

So I’ve installed Samba and then from the Services menu I access Samba service, but I see no configuration or instructions.

Do you have any link to any instruction to recommend? Thanks.

If you installed the Samba Server from the App Store not configuration is needed everything is preconfigured and your folders will be shared.

From which kind of machine (Windows PC, MAC, …) are you trying to access the samba server?

I have Linux (Elementary OS) laptop.

Then just open the file manager and choose File -> Connect to Server and then smb://<IP OF YOUR OSMC BOX>

My file browser is kindly asking for a type of connection, as well as a port.

I guess when you chose WIndows share the port is automatically set. So just type in the IP of the OSMC Box and you are done

Okay indeed it work.

It’s asking for a username, domain and password though. Which one would that be?

Your osmc user

In profiles I only have a master_profile user. If I use that one with my password, it’s not letting me in.

I assume your are talking about your Kodi profiles.
I am talking about your OSMC OS user

Okay I see.

Now I’m in, but believe I’m in the OSCM user home folder? I want to access the usb hard drive which is probably mounted on /media/.

How can I access that?

If you installed the App store version all automounted drives under /media wil be shared as an independent share. When you access the OSMC box you will see the “osmc” share as well as any other automounted.

There does not seem to be anything else except the folders here on screenshot:

That is the OSMC share, as mentioned if you used App Store version and have automounts they will be created as separate shares parallel to OSMC