Acestream help

I’ve been trying to get acestream to work on my Vero 4K and have had no luck. I have followed the instructions on a previous thread about this topic but again that didn’t work.

I’ve been trying to launch Acestream links from a Kodi addon but it wont work.

Any help would be massively appreciated and sorry if I didnt explain something right, just ask for clarification.

Did you address the issue with the add-on developers? That is your first step.

It’s most likely to be a problem with the addon itself and as such probably best addressed by the developer


I obviously cannot be sure it’s not but I’ve seen many people report having success with this addon on forums. This forum post shows people who have gotten it working but I can’t seem to make it work myself.

I think the addon is fine but the streams you are trying to use may be the problem.

You should be talking to these people.