Add-on update error

Hello there!
I think I tried everything I found, but I am not able to make update service working.
This evening message about Add-on Update error showed up. I have tried update via CLI,
but no good.
This is my complete Log, I saw it first time, so dont understand all.
enter link description here

Please can somebody help? The only Add-on I have installed is Youtube, nothing more.
Until today I only ran updates via Kodi automatically.


Search the forum, this has been answered recently

I have same problem…
I just reinstalled my OSMC cause I thought it was broken, and now I still get error message.

I already tried this of forum: MyOSMC update fails with Add-on error
Corb06> you mean complete reformatting SD card and fresh install or just CLI command for reinstall?


So no I have to mark all watched movies again… sigh!

Also found out this error will be fixed tomorrow…

My skin kept resetting on my, so I did a clean reformat. =(

You can also change your time zone or the date to 1st March temporarily