Adding OS X El Capitan folder to Kodi/OSMC via SMB


I’ve been looking around on a great how to add a folder on a mac via smb, but have had no luck.

What have I done:
Checked the Kodi wiki
and watched Share Folder via MAC OSX How to - For XBMC on Apple TV 2 - YouTube

Question: Do I, or do I not, check my account (in the video the dude selected Bell) and enter a password? (And why?)
Second Question: If I do, should I use my account and password when adding the connection in Kodi?
–> I have tried both

When adding the source to Kodi there are several options

  1. Zerconf: I notice that my Macbook is recognized, but nothing happens when I try to select it.
    –> I’ve tried this workaround:
    –> Plus I’ve tried the Edit 1 on the first page of that topic
  2. Windows network (SMB)
    –> Receive an immediate error 2: share not available. Why?
  3. Add network location with SMB protocol
    –> Left the shared folder empty
    –> Added the IP the “connection timed out”
    –> Added the location name Macbook-Pro etc. then the connection is refused with and without user and password
    –> Added the location name with .local. Then the connection is refused with user and password, without user and possword it is timed out
    –> When choosing “browse” instead of entering the location name I receive an “Error 2: Share not available”

I’m quite lost here now. Anyone with a viable tip? I’m on OS X El Capitan 10.11.4. I’m running the latest OSMC May release.

Edit: Just curious, my mac username contains several spaces. Could that be part of the issue?