Adding pictures to OSMC microSD card


I installed OSMC fine. I am running a slideshow. The files in the slideshow are on my windows computer so the slideshow requires the network and the windows computer. I want to put the pictures on the OSMC microSD card and view them from there. The problem is there is no room to do so on the card. It is a 16 gb card. How can I get the pictures on the card. I know there is room on the card because the OSMC files in actuality take up very little space. What can I do. Thanks

There is a second partition? If so why doesn’t my linux install on another computer I have see it?

You tell us… “linux install” is a bit vague, there are a lot of linux distributions out there…

The SD card has only two partitions - a 256MB FAT32 /boot partition and the rest is a perfectly normal ext4 Linux partition that any Linux distribution should have no trouble reading.

Yea…I am always vague when I am not sure. Not intended just a consequence. Mint linux. The ext4 partition
I was able to view today. If I can copy all my pictures to that partition say, in the home folder then could I expect
to have no issues using OSMC to view the slideshow? Thanks for the reply

If they are written to /home/osmc and chowned correctly so that the osmc user owns them then that should work fine.

Anywhere within /home/OSMC/ with correct permissions is fine.

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I installed Syncthing as per [HowTo] Install and use SyncThing on OSMC

I also installed syncthing on my PC, a Mac Mini in my case. I then created a folder on the PC and a corresponding folder on OSMC. Any photos I want on OSMC I now only have to move to or delete from the PC folder.

This means that I can update the photos on OSMC without logging into SSH or an SFTP client.

I keep updating my photos on OSMC so the screensaver doesn’t get too boring.

Hope this helps.

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I have got this far. What I am having trouble doing is chown. I have tried several times but am coming up short. In Pictures is a directory frame which contains 7100 pictures. They won’t display in OSMC beyond a place holder. That is due, I am sure and has been pointed out that the ownership needs correcting. I can’t get it done. I want, I think “Virgil” to be owner…but… I need help.

Thanks so far for your suggestions and helpers. It is appreciated

You could try the suggested chown --help to get help with the chown command :wink:

If what you are trying to do is change the directories to osmc owner:

chown osmc *

is what you want.

chown osmc *

needs sudo chown osmc *

read the help file is OK but one needs the education to do so, they are not friendly

if I change to the frame directory and

sudo chown osmc *

Argument list too long

is returned

If you have a directory called Frame, and you want to change all the Frame and every thing under it, then do this

sudo chown -R osmc Frame

That will change the Frame owner to osmc, and every file and directory below that to osmc also.
(Sorry I forgot to add the sudo first time.)

If you are plugging you SD card into a Linux Mint system, check what your user id is on Mint:

brian@cyberman ~ $ id
uid=1000(brian) gid=1000(brian),groups=1000(brian),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),29(audio),30(dip),46(plugdev),108(lpadmin),110(sambashare),126(vboxusers)

Notice that my uid is 1000, which is the same uid as osmc:

osmc@kaled:~$ id
uid=1000(osmc) gid=1000(osmc) groups=1000(osmc),4(adm),6(disk),7(lp),20(dialout),24(cdrom),29(audio),44(video)

In that case, you don’t need to change the owner, because it’s the same (1000).

If the user on Mint isn’t 1000, you could just use that user on Mint (by default the first user you created when installing Mint is 1000) Using a user with the same uid saves you the hassle of changing owners everytime you move the SD card.

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It just occurred to me that since you are using Mint, why even bother to put the SD card in the Mint system, just copy the files using scp. For example, if the pictures you are copying are in $HOME/Pictures/Frame and you want them in $HOME/Pictures/Frame in the Pi do this on Mate:

scp -r ~/Pictures/Frame osmc@osmc.local:~/Pictures/Frame

That will copy Frame and everything under it to Pictures/Frame on the Pi, and the owner will be correct.

The best solution would be to share your osmc home directory via NFS, and mount it on your Mint system. That way you can use the Mint file manager and just drag and drop files to add them.

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That did it. Thanks so much.

As I was browsing the contents properties I wondered what was up with the 1000. Now I know.

I could not have done it without your thoughtful and patient help. You are set apart from the guys that come in and type:

beeswax=nxxxx(popopop)-R <—If you know whtat I mean.

Good to hear!

You may still want to look into setting up NFS, it will make things much easier for you in the long run.

To copy files to/from Mac you can also use Cyberduck on your Mac (also available for Windows btw) and login to your RPi via SFTP (same login as SSH). And copy the files.

But Mac support NFS right? Should that not be the easiest way? Just like SMB in Windows?

SyncThing is a proper solution for backup/syncing.But you want to connect a USB harddrive to the RPi. That way, the RPi can become a perfect backup of all your photo albums and you can just see them in Kodi after you copied them from your camera to your laptop (give it some time but SyncThing is very fast in syncing).

I also installed Syncthing on my phone to sync my Pictures folder which contains photos I have taken and grouped into albums. They automatically sync to the RPi.