Adding UK Keyboard

Just installed OSMC and seems to be really nice. I had a nice home grown HTPC for years but it recently died. Tried the ShieldTV but hated the version of Plex on it. I run an unRAID server for my media.

I have set all my regional information to UK/GB but my UK keyboard (logitech and Rii i8s are picking up USA key mappings.

Seems weird as II have set my locale to UK in OSMC/Kodi? Any clues on how to fix in Debian, OSMC or Kodi?



In a very short while, Kodi 18.2 will be available. It has a setting for hardware keyboard layouts.

If you can’t wait, have a look here

Then you can use sudo loadkeys uk instead of sudo loadkeys fr-x11 in that post.


@grahamh Yes, this is for a hardware keyboard. Many thanks for the short term tip, I will give it a go while I wait for Kodi 18.2 - Thanks!