Bug installation

Sorry for my english.

Hello, sorry for my English.
I downloaded osmc for windows and prepared my SD card.
the installation went well on my raspberry except the wifi part that sees no wifi connection (I have no choice but to be in wifi), the bug is only with osmc. so I wanted to configure in manual but the display in console mode is truncated and therefore I do not see all of my lines.
how to solve my two problems? thank you


Sorry to hear you are having issues, please provide logs:


Thanks Tom.

Can you post a picture of what you see?

I managed for the wifi, I had to change the channels of my freebox. I still have the problem of the prompt, but it looks like it should readjust the display but how to do.
First Line : heracles_media…

Édit: i configure AZERTY keyboard but i reboot os thé keyboard QWERTY.

Check on your TV a setting called 1:1 or Just Scan.

I’ve not 1:1 or scan

How does it look if you choose 16:9?
Also what does Elargi means?

Stretch I guess.

For the on-screen keyboard, you have to remove English QWERTY from the list of available keyboards in Settings-Regional-Keyboard layouts. If you mean a hardware keyboard, you need to install some keymaps

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install console-data
sudo loadkeys fr-x11

Then put a line in /etc/rc.local so it survives a re-boot.

sudo nano /etc/rc.local and add the following line

loadkeys fr-x11

A better way to do this is being worked on.

Thx for hello,
Its fois for the keyboard.
Yes élargi = stretch.

16:9 is option select n’y default

Then see here config.txt - Raspberry Pi Documentation


Sorry bug téléphone.
For the keyboard its ok with your modifications After reboot.

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I installed libreelec and the problem is the same.

If you mean the keyboard problem, yes, they don’t support different international keyboards when I last looked.


Sorry m’y bug os a default display, thé problem with keyboard is solved.