Advancedsettings.xml location

Hi! I have been having some troubles getting things to run as well as they did when I used openelec on my AppleTV, and I’m suspecting it’s because I’ve been unable to get any of my tweaks running. I am unable to find out where to add the advanced settings.xml as the usual locations referenced online are nowhere to be found on my osmc install. Please point me in the right direction :smile:

I am really not sure if I should laugh or cry. If yo just would have put your title “Advancedsettings.xml location” into the forum search (top right) you would have saved yourself the time to create the thread.

But if it is also to hard for you to click that link here is the answer /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata

There is no such location on the current Apple TV usb install. There is home/omsc and then no .kodi folder. The only folders are: movies, music, pictures, TV Shows. Are you suggesting I should create the subfolders?

I don’t have an ATV1 so I am a bit guessing here. But my bet is that the folder structure is identical.
How have you tried to access the directory? Just ssh into the machine and cd? I am asking because .kodi is a hidden directory.

Oh dear, my bad! I used winscp and the kodi file manager, I’ve not had the target location be in a hidden folder before and I’ve used xbmc in it’s various iterations since it was brand new. Got it now, thank you!