Advice on 43"+ Compute screen + Vero4k+

Hi Folks,

as no one in my home actually watches TV, french law dictates that as long as you have a TV Tuner in house you have to pay the “redevance” of around ~140 Euro/Year to the state to finance the media industry. If you use a regular Computer screen, you don’t have to pay it.
So - this being said, I’d like to replace my TV (43" LG TV Full HD) with a similar sized screen for 4K and preferably 10Bit display LED/IPS whatever - what is best.

Anyone here had the same issue and could advise on what they use, share their experience?
Currently, the only PC screen without tuner I have found would be this one:
LG 43UD79-B:

Any other advice on what to take? Brand etc.?

Thx :slight_smile:

Seems nobody’s gonna pitch in. I suppose you have to be careful since monitors are going to be optimised for gaming, not video. On a quick look I couldn’t find any monitors bigger than the one you quoted.

Is a projector a viable alternative?

That monitor appears to only support a 60hz refresh rate (soap opera effect). What I would look for is an IPS display that supports regular television refresh rates.

Do you only pay for internet or is tv part of the package?

Nope. We don’t want a projector. The Screen is really what we want.

Thx. Will look into it. Dunno if they manufactur that though as a TV would come cheaper IMHO.

Just paying for Internet and phone.

You could force your current setup to 60hz and see if it is an issue for you. It would be a dealbreaker for me but others may not care.

The only monitor I’ve ever heard of that is that size is the Dell P4317Q.

This may be a more expensive solution but LG and Samsung used to have professional large format screens available starting at 40" above. These screens used to lack tuners but are more expensive since it has an operating system inside & panels are meant to run non-stop.

Thx for advice folks. I’ll see what I can find on the market.
So far, there is only one screen from Philips that is able to produce 23.xx/24Hz up to 80Hz. But that one seems to have massive problem as seen from the comments of the people on amazon. Will see if I give it a try though. No remote control however.

Couldn’t you just look for TVs that don’t have an integrated cable tv tuner ?

It is the “plain” tuner that is the issue…

I think I found a decent candidate.

let me know what you think about it. It makes 23Hz up to 75Hz - which should be suitable for all required frequencies. Don’t know about the rest though.

any comments?

  • appears not readily available in Europe (not on Acer’s EU websites)
  • seems to be ‘HDR ready’ whatever that means

Well, is your friend on that :slight_smile:
I may check it out.

Peak brightness of 250nits is far too low to do HDR justice.

ok. What’s the minimum you would advise?
Or - is there a good TV you would advise, with good specs I can use as a source for comparison?

I don’t know that extremely bright displays have ventured outside of the TV space yet. Have you looked at commercial displays yet? I have zero knowledge about them but just a quick search on Newegg pulled up a LG 60UL3E-B that looked like a viable solution. I don’t think this class of display normally comes with any kind of a stand so you would have to acquire a VESA based mounting solution as well.

But looking at it, there is no HDCP support on it (Manual).
How about this one:

Won’t do native 24Hz though … :frowning: