After April update: Kodi has HW acceleration / rendering problems


I just upgraded the vero4k via dist-upgrade (April update).
Now Kodi (mediacenter) crashes all time and restarts again.
It’s just a few seconds up and then restarts. But It’s only kodi not the entire system.
Here are my logs:

Do you get this problem with an older version of OSMC?
You don’t have debug logging enabled, so hard to see what’s going on in Kodi.

By this, I assume that SSH etc remains working?


How can I install an older version of OSMC? And how can I enable debug logging?

Yes, SSH remains working.

Debug logging can be enabled under Kodi settings.
All versions of OSMC are available at

I’m sorry to hear things aren’t working as expected for you but the first step is to see if it’s related to a specific version of OSMC and then to take things from there.


I fixed this problem by starting from scratch and installed the march version of osmc.
But now I have a problem with the HW acceleration.
After installing the march version of osmc, I tried to play a mkv-file. This works great.
Then I updated to the april version via myosmc/update. The update runs without any issues and kodi started again.
Then I played the same mkv-file again, but now it only played several seconds of the audio stream and no video is shown. Then the “buffering…” popup showed up but nothing happened.

I found out, that if I set HW Acceleration in h264 from “hd and up” to “never” the mkv-file is played.
It’s a little bit stuttering, but it plays.
If I change back to HW Acceleration, the problem occurs again.

I installed osmc several times, but always after updating to the april version of osmc the HW acceleration breaks.

Do you have any idea?

A fresh debug log of the new version which doesn’t work for you would help.

This is the log:

This doesn’t look right:

failed to configure renderer

Have you confirmed if you get this with all clips, or just some?
You have analogue audio enabled. Are you using the 3.5mm output?

Can you play 1080p Big Buck Bunny clip without issue for example?


It’s not every clip, a few are working but the most clips doesn’t work

No, I use the digital output. I didn’t configure it, because I was just testing the video output.

I tried to play it, but it’s the same issue I mentioned above.

Configure your audio first. This is recommended in the manual that you should’ve received with your device.

Can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would introduce a problem with the April update.



I’ve got exactly the same problem after I updated to april update.
Everything worked great with the March update.
I am using HDMI through a receiver.
As soon as I disable hw acceleration it works.

Best regards


please provide logs details can be found here


Are you using a Vero 4K?
Logs are really needed to see what’s going on.

Yes im using a Vero4K. I bring you some logs tomorrow, it’s the middle of the night where I live.

Same here :wink:

Looking forward to the logs.


ok, I tried a lot, but I can’t get it working.
It’s always the same: The march version is working and with the april version I get this issue.
And I don’t have time to search much longer for the reasons.

The only option I see, is to stay on the march version. Perhaps I can block this update, so I can at least update the rest.

But as I just bought the vero4k it’s a little bit frustrating. The years before I had the raspberry pi 1 and I never had any issues with osmc.

If this is an issue it will affect other users. In this case it will almost certainly be picked up and fixed in the next update.

You definitely need to reconfigure your audio settings from the look of your settings, if you are not using analogue audio.


These settings are the result of reinstalling osmc perhaps 10 times. I definitely use other audio settings on my “productive” system. But if you install osmc that often, you just look if the video is playing and not if all settings are correctly set.

I really hope if there are other users with this issue. Especially as the problem affects even the Big Buck Bunny clip.

I also encounter this problem but then with blu-ray files with the April update.
The movie starts but after 30 seconds or so the movie will slow down, starts buffering and the screen goes black with, also sound is gone.
When I try to play the same file with my Shield running Kodi 17.1 it plays fine. Didn’t encounter the problem before the April update.

Will try to upload the logs ASAP but the wife has taken over the remote.

I want to go back to March version but don’t have a micro-sd:disappointed_relieved:
Is there any way to go back to the March version without SD???


At last, here is the log.

Hope you can find anything that is wrong.