After connected Y cable, temperature goes high

I bought Y cable and put the data line into my Vero 4k and an external HDD. And then put the power line into the wall outlet using phone charger plug.

However I got a weird situation.

I was using ffmpeg with 1 thread and the temperature went up 70C before, but now after changing a cable, it goes up to 107C.
In addition, even though I kill ffmpeg process, the temperature doesn’t go down. It still maintains 97C. This is very weird.

Help me out.

A phone charger is NOT a power supply. The drive may still be starving for power and possibly drawing it from the Vero. And the Y cable could be back-feeding power to the Vero and that would be bad.

I’d still suggest that you get a proper powered USB hub.

You can run top from the command line to see what process is using the CPU.

I checked and there’s no process operating overwhelmingly.
Kodi.bin uses 30~70% of cpu which is a bit high.

What happens if you do not allow the ffmpeg script to run after a reboot? Do you still see the high temp?

If I’m not running ffmpeg after rebooting, it is okay. But once ffmpeg is started, then even it’s killed or finished, the temperature is not going down. (Before, when I used to use a direct cable(not Y), it came back to normal temperature after ffmpeg is done. This is why I think something’s wrong)

Then I would say that the Y cable is bad. Get a good powered USB hub.

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Today I tested many times and I realized the ffmpeg scripts I made isn’t working properly.
It used to be okay before I change a cable. (Anyway, this is a problem that I should solve by myself so…)

So now, Vero’s temp is around 62~63C in an idle situation. (Before changing cable, it was 53~56C)

Is this temp okay for idle? I wonder If it affects to physical CPU since I turn on it all the times.

It’s odd that the temp is higher with the Y cable, but 62C should be just fine. It would be an interesting test to see if it changes without the drive connected.

I just tried but the temp is still 62C.

Maybe there’s cache update or something like that after Thursday?

When you checked the temp as your 53C baseline, what version of Kodi were you running? It’s probable that the update to Kodi V18 caused the difference. I checked my Vero, and mid 60s seems to be normal for it.

Plus I got a weird thing.
After connection of Y cable, even though I didn’t put power plug, it’s operating. Is it normal?

What power plug? The one to the Vero or the one for the Y cable? If you mean the one to the Vero, then the Y cable is faulty as it’s feeding power to the Vero against USB specs.

I meant the one to the Vero.
And yes, I guess the additional power from Y comes to Vero as well. That’s why it can be turn on without the Vero original power plug.
Then is it something wrong?

The Vero can be powered by USB, but you should then disconnect mains power


What? Then isn’t it same as before?
I got a Y cable because of an external’s power problem but if I disconnect main power, then won’t it be even less power than using main power only?

you decided to get a y cable instead of a externally powered usb hub. But that dosen’t fix your problem. Just because the vero now gets power from the mains and over usb at the same time it dosen’t mean that it now can power your external hdd

Then, what should I do if I wanna fix my problem?

You’ve already been told:

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I’m sorry but I still don’t know what’s difference between using a powered USB hub and my phone charging adapter.

you know, the phone charging adapter has USB port the other side as well. The difference is phone adapter has only one USB port and powered USB hub has many USB ports.

Phone charger is designed to charge phones, not provide a stable 5V.