Allow to downgrade resolution

Hi Sam, is this a feature that could be implemented in OSMC?

Koying has implemented this in SPMC and it works quite good I must say.

Thanks in advance for looking into this :slight_smile:

I saw this a few days ago. I think it may make sense on the Vero 4K but I’m not sure how useful it would be on other devices.

I guess every scaling done by the TV itself would be a plus, even for the RPi it seems for me a benefit.

+1 for this feature. Generally the TV will have a better upscaler than the media player.

I will investigate whether this is feasible.



I’ve tried this on my odroid C2 by a build from wrxtasy on The kodi forum but i was not reallyhappy with that.

Kodi does better then my tv.

My children watch a lot sd channels with live tv. And kodi upscaled sd to 1080p very nice on my tv.Comparing that my tv upscales from sd to 720p max with results that the picture quality is less sharp then that kodi is upscaling to 1080p.

Of course it depends on the TV if the upscaling is better or not. But it would be nice to have the choice.

I agree. A lot of people are upgrading to 4K TV’s that have excellent upscalers. My Sony does a great job of upscaling 720p and 1080p to 4K and I won’t buy a media player that can’t output video at the same resolution as the source without having to manually change the settings every time the resolution of the source changes.

If people are willing to give it a test, I’d be happy to produce a test build with this as an option in January on the Vero 4K.


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If you can do that I’ll be placing an order. It will give you a leg up on the Shield.

In that case, keep your eye on this post and feedback from other users.

Refresh rate switching and colour space handling is completely broken on the Shield to name only a couple of problems. We’re not too worried about the Shield :wink:


Will do!

I also would like to test this option when it comes available…

Always prepared for some testing :slight_smile:

I’m on board here, too!

Nice there is such interest for this, now only I need a Vero 4k :wink:

Thanks for letting me know there’s a fair bit of interest in this.
After Debian Stretch is released, I’ll make a build available for testing.



Whet it will be released?

It will be released when it’s ready and stable! It’s better to delay the release than let it out early!

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On Sunday, 7th January.

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