Allow to downgrade resolution


There was one person in the other thread who mentioned he had a true UHD setup and also had those problems… Couldn’t observe that myself because I have a 1080p setup, but there was this one report. Maybe it didn’t affect everybody or it was an issue unrelated to the patch :man_shrugging:t2::rofl:

Definitely! :+1:t2:


Yeah offcourse no problem, was just surprised it was reverted since nothing was mentioned here.


Unfortunately things got split across a couple of threads.



Sorry if this has already been covered, but if/when this is implemented, will there be an option to only change the resolution if it can match the source resolution exactly, otherwise output at the tv’s native resolution or whatever default you’ve selected in osmc?

I’d much rather have osmc scale 576p content to 1080p rather than have osmc scale to 720p and then the tv scaling to 1080p, no matter how good the tv’s scaler is I doubt that would be optimal in most situations…



You can then just disable the option or when Sam has fixed sd resolutions, you can enable it :slight_smile:


What I’ve understood from @Quirk’s remark is that he’s talking about e.g. 480p50 - which isn’t a resolution supported by TVs/AVRs - not “only” being upscaled to 720p50, but to 1080p50. So, as soon as this feature supports native resolution output of these resolutions (which a UHD TV would support):


he would like to have all other resolution/framerate combinations upscaled to a 1080p output. And not to the next higher possible resolution (instead of e.g. 576p60 -> 720p60 he’d like 576p60 scaled to 1080p60 even if ‘Also allow resolution switch’ is enabled). So, all supported HDMI resolutions/framerates output natively and those not supported all scaled to a fixed resultion which is not necessarily the next higher supported one, but e.g. always 1080p.

Correct, @Quirk?

I have to say, it sounds difficult to do… But it would be Sam’s part to evaluate, if this will be possible.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant, thanks.

I can totally understand how that could be much harder to implement, but without it this feature seems like in many cases would be worse than what we have without it.


Well, depends on the standpoint… For me, there are mostly 5 types of video I watch:

  • UHD rips (so, mostly 2160p24)
  • BD rips (so, mostly 1080p24)
  • HD & SD TV broadcasts (mostly 720p50 and 576p50)
  • YouTube videos (1080p/720p with different framerates from Europe and the US)
  • DVDs (mostly 576p50 for Region 2 PAL DVDs, only some NTSC DVDs with 480p60 resolution)

So, in my case, the standard HDMI resolutions/framerates would basically cover everything. The very few videos which have different resolutions/framerates… Well :man_shrugging:t2::rofl:


I’ll let Sam reply cause I can’t see no benefit at all for anybody.


Any progress with the UHD 24p on 1080p screens so this can be implemented again?


Not yet. I’ll revisit this when I get a little bit of time.


Any thoughts on trying this again? Would be nice to get the TV to do the upscaling for 720p.


If I’m not mistaken this comes with the new kodi release


That’s correct. It will be available with Kodi v18; via the form of ‘whitelisting’ video modes