Allow to downgrade resolution

I removed a patch which removed SD modes, so I’m not sure why you can’t select 480/576 modes currently


If you come up with something to test, I’ll gladly help from tomorrow on…

I don’t think it makes sense to add these modes as discussed previously.


Why not? That’s what I’ve been waiting for the whole time… Outputting DVDs at their native resolution. And especially the SD scaling quality of the Vero 4k’s scaler was an issue discussed on the forum before. :pensive:

You will only be able to watch them at 50Hz or 60Hz.

I know… All NTSC DVDs I know of are 480p60/29,970/30 and all PAL DVDs are 576p50/25. Those modes would do exactly what I’d expect or am missing atm.
24p SD modes or 480p50 and 576p60 videos barely even exist here in Europe. So, those wouldn’t be a concern for me.

Any chance that these two modes can be made working for us? It would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to at least try being able to output 480p automatically (assuming GUI is at 1080p/60) too.

I have some 480p/30 files that it’d be good to display out of the Vero 4k in their native res if poss - the upscaler in my TV (Sony 65XD9305) is WAY better than any other implementation on a SBC running Kodi I’ve tested so far (I’ve gone from RPi3 w/ OSMC, to Odroid-C2 w/ Libreelec and now the Vero 4K w/ OSMC again).

If I use the built-in app on the TV for playing video from my NAS’ DLNA share, it results in a FAR better SD picture - of course I’d prefer to use the Vero 4K for everything.

Currently on the Vero 4k with the new setting, these 480p/30 files now playback at 720p/60 - framerate looks fine to me but the picture quality is still not as good as letting the TV do it all. My disp_cap shows 480p/60 as a supported res so i would have thought it should work if OSMC allowed it. I haven’t tried seeing if I can set the entire GUI to 480p but of course this will look pretty horrendous on the menus so I’d like to avoid that…

Could you look for the GUI resolution setting just to know whether you can’t set anything below 720p there either, like @Rito_Bear reported?

Indeed - I shall when I get home later. My Vero 4k is first going into a Denon AVR which might change things of course…I’ll keep the thread posted.

OK. I don’t see them either. Lowest option is 1280x720p.

@sam_nazarko: As you had to revert the patch… Will you still follow up on this and try to get this feature working for us? :slightly_smiling_face:


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That would be great! Playing out 720p sources as 720p and all higher resolutions as their equivalent was working already and now we’ve lost it again :frowning:

You don’t need to update for now; and you won’t lose the feature
While I can understand people are keen on the feature, we can’t break other people’s setups and existing functionality.

Very true… But we’re all here to test anything coming up and to help as much as possible. At least we know now that we overlooked something when testing your patch. That won’t happen again… :+1:t2:

Revert the patch?
I see no mention of it here … what happend?

See here… The patch broke the UHD 24p output for true UHD and 1080p setups apparently. UHD 24p was only output as 60p with the patch.

Huh? this was only for 2160p24hz files and output max 1080p?
Because it worked for me on at 2160p, as I mentioned before with my first test.

If I understand it right the patch made problems for people who play 4k files and convert them to 1080p, because their TVs are not 4k-capable. Don’t ask me why someone does that. Well, they actually explained it in the other thread, but it still is odd for me.

Well, although I had commented out the line “deb stretch-devel main” in sources.list I got the update overnight and foolishly said yes to the update. I thought to be on the safe side with my method, but I wasn’t.

The patch did not break true UHD 24p output by the way, at least not here. 4k/24p files arrived as 4k/24p on my TV. The problem only seems to have occured when 4k was converted to 1080p.

Anyway, it is not THAT important and since Sam/you is/are working on a solution it just will take a little longer and everyone should be happy in the end.