Allow to downgrade resolution

Isn’t the first real playback option 720p24 as 576p24 doesn’t exist in the HDMI standard (or does it?). To my understanding, if the framerate for a specific resolution isn’t supported by the HDMI standard, the next higher resolution supporting that framerate would be chosen (internal scaling by the Vero can’t be disabled in this case). That doesn’t happen atm to my understanding. For 24p it will always be 1080p24 (also for 720p24 video: why??). Doesn’t this also apply to 576p24 content atm - which is quite rare btw, I think?

This would mostly apply to live TV. There’re some channels in Germany e.g. which broadcast with 1080i resolution.

Just have a look at your capable resolutions in /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap
For my television it is 1080p24hz like I posted before :slight_smile:


You’re right :see_no_evil::joy: Well, what could be done about framerate then? If the TVs don’t support 24p with any other resolution than 1080p, what can be changed about this? Isn’t everything correct then (except all SD resolution just being played back as 720p)?

EDIT: Now I get what you want to tell me :joy::joy::joy: Of course, I don’t want the framerate to change! But I’d like 480p60 and 576p50 played back at the native resolution and not as 720p. Of course, I don’t want, let’s say, 480p25 played back e.g. as 480p60… :see_no_evil:

Sorry for the confusion!

Willing to test this as soon as it’s ready. Waiting for native output of ALL resolutions that my TV/AVR can handle…

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Well when you watch 480p30hz or 480p60hz content it would display at 480p60hz :slight_smile:
That is quite a difference with 1080p60hz, the display will do all the upscaling then.

And when you are running at 2160p the difference is even higher :wink:
But Sam needs to enable non-HD resolution switching then.

Actually, if I’m using my HDMI 2.0 4K AVR’s scaler, wouldn’t that scaler maybe support more resolutions than my TV? And would the Vero 4k know about this and be able to output other resolutions/framerates, too (others than my list Allow to downgrade resolution - #64 by Chillbo atm)?

I think the upscaling from TV’s is much better.
I always hear on forums to disable the scaling in AVR and set it on PT.

I’ll compare once there’s time… :wink:

Check also if you get more/less resolution/refreshrate modes :slight_smile:

It depends on what content you play.

Check disp_cap and frame rates for your content. I suspect you will only get 480p/576p output for 60Hz and 50Hz content respectively. This is intentional.

Matching the Refresh Rate is more important than the resolution. You wouldn’t really want to play 480p24hz content at 480p60hz.

Please try the updated build following the original instructions and let me know if behaviour for 480p/576p is now improved. SD video modes have been (possibly temporarily) re-added to Kodi.

It may take a few minutes for these improvements to reach the local mirror.

That’s correct. There’s no point having the source resolution if the video is not smooth.

Will check on that. I believe, the Vero always tries to get the capabilities of the TV and match the output to that. What I hope is that - as soon as I fire up my AVR’s upscaler - the Vero can also send e.g. 480p24 or 567p24 which the AVR will then upscale to 1080p24. But I’m not sure, whether the AVR can and will signal more supported resolutions/framerates as soon as the scaler is active… Has anybody got any information on how a setup like I described will behave?

Well, the confusion about that has been cleared… :wink:
Of course we all don’t want the source resolution passed on via HDMI no matter what - especially not with altered framerates.
I’ll test as soon as I’m at my apartment again - that will be Tuesday.

There are no 480/576p24 modes to switch to.


Ok, then that question is answered for me. Thanks, Sam!
Honestly, that part is not too important to me (480p/576p24) as videos with that resolution and framerate barely exist. :joy:

The SD modes that you re-enabled, I’ll test those next week :+1:t2: Those should make it possible to let the AVR/TV do the upscaling of DVDs. And that’s important to me and my main goal.

480p29.970hz still seems to output as 720p60hz instead of 480p60hz.
576p25hz still outputs as 720p50hz instead of 576p50hz.
I also found a 480p20hz, which is also output at 720p60hz.

There seems to be some sort of overscan with 720p50/60hz, don’t think it was there with the previous version.

Do you see the option to select 480p and 576p in Kodi now?

Nope, maybe not the newest package?
Got 17.6.0-21 from what I can remember… yup

Edit: Just checked again, still no newer package, is the one I got the one you mentioned @sam_nazarko?

Yes, 17.6.0-21 is the latest version.

Interesting that these video modes aren’t available for you as options.

Do you mean as options in the GUI settings? I don’t see them here either (Sony TV 55XE9305) although these modes are offered by the tv. The GUI settings available are: 720 / 1080 / 2160

osmc@vero4k:~$ cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap

PAL SD-streams coming from tvheadend with 576p/50hz are sent as 720p50hz to the TV with osmc 17.6.0-21

Add support for matching the source resolution on Vero 4K

Just saw that the January update is out and it mentions this request. Is output of 480p and 576p now working?

There was no comment here about it working now:

Just got the reply here… It’s not yet. Will this be possible some time, @sam_nazarko?
Don’t mean to hurry you, just to know what’s planned or aimed for.