Allow to downgrade resolution

How can I revert back to the “normal” settings menu - as this didn’t work I’d like to go back to normal until there’s something new coming up for testing? Going back to the stable build (from the Atmos test build) didn’t revert this as well.

It won’t make a difference. But you can re-run install on mediacenter package…


Thank you, Sam!

Sry to bother you again: Which command do I have to run to do this?

Edit: A quick search on the forum did it! :see_no_evil: :ok_hand:t2:


Sorry for the slow reply. It has been busy.

I think there may have been confusion regarding the placement of the setting and that I wasn’t clear to begin with.

It should be under Adjust display refresh rate and called ‘Also allow resolution switch’, under Settings -> Player -> Video.

I’ve verified the presence of this setting with the latest Kodi build in the staging repository. Please check this. Whether it works as planned is another question.



I only had a few minutes this morning before I had to leave for work, but I made a short test. It works!

The setting is there and enabled by default.

My GUI setting is 1920x1080
720p (25fps / iplayer-download) is played as 720p
1080p (23.976fps) is played as 1080p

I had wished that SD from Live TV (tvheadend) will be played out as 576 (or whatever it is, I’m far from the Vero right now) but SD is played out as 720p according to my tv.

So all in all it looks like a success but not on all fronts. Thank you, Sam!

Got the GUI at 2160p/50

480p/24 plays as 1080p/24
480p/30 plays as 720p/60
576p/25 plays as 720p/50
720p/24 plays as 1080p/24
720p/25 plays as 720p/50
1080p/24 plays as 1080p/24
1080p/25 plays as 1080p/50
2160p/24 plays as 2160p/24
2160p/60 plays as 2160p/60


I’m at 1080p 60Hz GUI
I’ve got the same results as you I believe.

Can add that 558p/29.97 is played as 720p/60.

Went back to staging repo for a test…

I can confirm what @Theetjuh and @kalle have noticed with the video resolutions I available to me… 480p25, 480p29.970, 480p59.940, 576p25, 576p50 all playing as 720p with respective framerates. 720p as 720p with correct framerates and 1080p as 1080p with correct framerates.

Thanks for testing.

Debug logging will give you some more details about the rationale behind some of the resolution changes.

  • 480/576p will likely play at 1080p because of the Refresh Rate

This is because there is no 576p30 mode, so this is correct.

Is the LiveTV 60fps? You may find that setting a fallback refresh rate under PVR settings works. We currently calculate a fallback framerate if we can’t get one from the backend. This resolves some of the Live TV stuttering issues; particularly with DVBViewer add-on.

The setting shouldn’t be enabled by default or it will cause a lot of confusion next update. Thanks for letting me know; I’ve addressed this now and it will be disabled by default for new users in the future.


We removed SD video modes from Kodi some time ago.
These could be re-added; but may cause problems with those relying on CVBS video output.

I will produce a new build, which will need some testing.


In my tests it was always playing as 720p. Never 1080p. Will this be possible at native resolution - as all TVs should support 480p and 576p.

EDIT: Sry, you just answered the question.

This would be awesome… I’m watching a lot of DVDs on my Vero 4k, too. Those resolutions are of special interest to me and I guess, also to others. There was another thread about the SD scaling quality of the Vero. Adding those modes could solve quality complaints for many just by being able to use an external scaler for those resolutions, too.

First prio is a proper refreshrate, then the resolution right?
Atleast that is what Koying said.

So if you look at all the resolutions in /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap
You know if works as expected.

The topic is about resolution - see title. That’s my understanding of this… The framerates are fine, aren’t they?

Has it even been mentioned to output 25p as 25p, not 50p or 29.970p as 29.970p, not 59.940p or 30p as 30p, not 60p? Isn’t this a completely new request?

I made the topic and request, so yeah I know what I’m talking about … just have a look at the github link in the first post.

My Vero is feeding through a Denon receiver.
Could the Denon be under reporting thus giving the Vero less framerates and resolution to play with?
Much like the 10bit bug on HDR.
The TV could surely handle most if not all res/framerate combos that the is being used when encoding videos.

Need to do some more testing I guess.

Don’t be offended… Was just wondering. Here in the topic framerate just came up now. :wink:
Yep, saw on GitHub now that at some point the talk went from purely resolution talk to framerate matching as well (25p, 29.970p, 30p). Is this also about outputting interlaced from source and bypassing the Vero’s internal interlacer? So, outputting all possible HDMI resolutions in all possible framerates as interlaced or progressive source natively?

Personally, resolution would be more important to me.

It is 50fps PAL TV (Austria/Germany) - I was not totally awake when I wrote my first post :wink:
No problems with stuttering at all. The framerate is ok. I was just hoping for 576p output when the Vero comes across a 576p source (or 576i).
Being able to use the GUI with 1080p and outputting 720p sources in 720p is a great step in the right direction IMHO
But there’s always room for something better which would be everything gets played out as it comes in…

Sorry to say, but why would you prio resolution above framerate?
I rather watch a dvd in 1080p with the correct framerate then watch a dvd in 576p and choppy framerates every second.

I surely hope this could be the case … don’t have any interlaced stuff as I know of … but would would be alot better to let the TV handle it all :slight_smile:

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Don’t understand that… 25p is played as 50p -> European PAL DVD. There’s no choppy playback. Am I missing something?
Much more important to me would be to watch the DVD at native 576p to have an external scaler do the scaling (some already mentioned on the forum that they’d like to pass SD scaling to an external scaler as they don’t like the Vero’s SD scaling too much).

No no … that is not a problem

When I want to watch 576p/24 content, the first real option is 1080p/24 (reference)
When you prio resolution above framerate … it would pick 576p/60 or 720p/50 lets says.

You really don’t want that!