Alternative Music Player

Hi all,

I’m more than happy with the software and thanks for doing a great job guys.

More of a Kodi question than OSMC. I have a large MP3 collection streamed from my NAS and was wondering are there any alternative music players avaliable in Kodi. Ideally with more functionality like a Equaliser ?


I think you a looking for something like


Check this Equalizer for treble and bass control?

Thanks HarryL, that certainly looks interesting, and I’ll give it a go on one of my spare cards, but I was looking for something that runs under Kodi, not a standalone :slightly_smiling:

Thanks fzinken, I’ll look into this one. :slightly_smiling:

there are changes coming to kodi on the music player they have started working on it

Playing music works fine, but putting together Playoists, or searching for tracks or even something that plays on like a “Genius List” would be a real treat!!