Amazon and Spotify addons for OSMC/Kodi


I don’t have a Smart TV, so I rigged up one using an RPi 2 and OSMC. I love it, but the services I use the most, such as Amazon, Hulu, Spotify/SoundCloud, and the like don’t have addons (aside from the official Kodi addon for YouTube) that work. All the ones I have tried are broken somehow and haven’t been updated in some time.

Are there any plugins for these popular services that are current and work that I possibly haven’t found yet? Thank you.



I belive amazon is coming in kodi 18.


Hulu, I think you need to use playon:

Thanks Tom.

Amazon can be used with a test build
Spotify runs independent of a build


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Do you happen to know when Leia will be mainstream for OSMC?

Also, how would you get Spotify to run?

I made a post in the Kodi forums about official add-ons. You can find it here:

I don’t see why there can’t be official add-ons made so that there doesn’t have to be so much hassle with third-party services. Kodi has a large community and the streaming companies would benefit greatly from legal use of their services on this platform.


Do you have any insight to when Leia will be used in the mainstream for OSMC?

Also, how do you get Spotify to work? I’m having no luck with it.



As @sam_nazarko has said before Kodi Leia will be coming as an update in OSMC after it is released as a stable candidate by Kodi.

Have you read the thread “[HowTo} Spotify-Connnect…” that @Tom_Doyle has linked you to?


Thank you for your reply. I cannot get raspotify to work quite yet.

I got it! Thanks :slight_smile:

Problem is, I don’t have Spotify Premium