Annoying Log Errors

Hey guys, I’m new around here :slight_smile:

I am seeing a few errors in my log and would like to know how I fix them.

EDIT: Link Removed

Thanks :grinning:

Exactly what errors are you talking about? I don’t see anything in your logs that catches my eye as being a problem.

So all those WARNING and ERROR messages such as CSkinInfo: failed to load and EXCEPTION: Non-Existant Control 300 are fine?

Remove the banned addon. It looks like it may be causing those errors, or contact the author of that addon.

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Oh I see, thanks :relaxed:
I was following a guide and it was the first they said to install. I will try removing it and see if that helps. Thanks :grinning:

Don’t install things unless you need it.

I’m learning that’s the best way Sam :slight_smile: