Any plans to support Media flags?

Sometimes it’s nice to see a little bit of information about my media files as I’m going through the library, are there any plans to add Media flags support into the OSMC skin so that things like resolution, source or audio channels will be displayed next to the selected video?

It’s already there in Kodi for the Confluence skin but not sure about the OSMC skin.

System > Settings > Video > File Lists – just enable “extract video information from files”.

The core feature is there but the OSMC skin right now just shows the resolution in the “info” view of a movie.

Im guessing the request is about viewing that and other info from Media flags in the main view of movies and tv series?

I initially misread the post. I hadn’t tried the OSMC skin very much as I am a fan of the Confluence skin. I was under the assumption that the OSMC skin would show up things the same as Confluence but obviously in a different format. This seems to not be the case then…

Yeah, I probably should have been more explicit. I know the basic features are there, as you said it was more about could they be used to display information about media when browsing my Movies and TV Show libraries?

Visually, I think the OSMC skin is really nice, it’s clean, simple and well laid out, it could just do with a few minor tweaks to make it better.

A grid view of libraries and media flags for example.

This is a skin issue, right? I think most of the skins I have tried have shown resolution, either just sd/hd or the actual resolution. Also codec, sound format, channels, tv-network, movie studio etc is common. There’s a bunch of information available to the skin to present, and it’s up to the maker of the skin to decide what to show.

And even though you are using osmc, you can still change to another skin if the bundled skin does not offer what you need.

Yeah exactly that, a skin issue.

I like the custom Conq/OSMC skin, I just thought I could leave some feedback and maybe it could get picked up and added to the skin, I’ve looked at other skins, I wasn’t keen.

I have not looked at the osmc skin yet, but I’m guessing it’s partly a work in progress still. These things will probably be added at some point, and I’m sure all feedback is appreciated :smile: Would be great if I liked the bundled skin in osmc enough to drop my current preferred skin. One less thing to bother with :smile: