Anyone have any issues with hdr "dimming"?


Lately I’ve noticed that on 4k hdr files (which look great now), after a while in playback they “go dim”. It can be instantly fixed by bringing up the menu, sometimes it takes a while to notice though because it’s not unwatchablely dim. Wondering if I’m alone, I did notice “adjust refresh rate” was set to “start/stop”, I’ve set that to always see see if it helps.

Edit: Unfortunately I’m not sure if this is new behavior as of Oct.


We haven’t had any reports of this yet. Does pressing Pause and Play make any change?


Usually I press the menu key, I think, the one with 3 lines? It brings up the UI and the playback almost instantly brightens. I’ll try to narrow down the behavior a bit more and do logs if necessary.


I’ve seen something similar; specifically with long, dark scenes. I think my TV (LG C7) power saving dimmer kicks in, maybe because it can’t tell anything is actually moving on screen.

It’s happened once since the Oct update and at least once before.


Yeah if it’s the auto-dimming feature of the C7 OLED etc, it won’t be anything to do with a Vero update.


Just to confirm, all energy saving features on my C7 switched off.


Does switching source and switching back help? If so, then it’s the TV – as the Vero won’t modify the signal on this change.



As already stated, that will be the LG OLED’s, burn in prevention features kicking in.
Sony OLED are similar, they use an Automatic Brightness Limiter. (ABL)

Have a read of the following:


Cheers @wrxtasy1


It’s not the TV. When pressing the menu key, the menu stays the same brightness, only the video behind it changes.


My LG C8 also has dimming issues as reported in HDTVTest. It seems that things are a bit better with the latest firmware release and according to HDTVTest LG is still working on a definitive solution.


I have the same issue, but I thought it was related to the latest firmware update:


I stand corrected, apologies. I hadn’t updated my TV, looks like i’ll avoid doing it!


Please note that I couldn’t download the latest firmware directly from the TV (reported as not available). If you can’t wait you’ll have to follow the manual flash procedure and download the firmware yourself.

I have the European model and in the end I located the latest release on the LG site for Morocco: . As always, manually flashing the wrong firmware can brick/damage your TV so it’s best to wait for the autoupdater if you’re not comfortable doing this.


Yeah, i’m not going to even look for an update till they fix this issue.