Apple TV silver at the end of the rope?!

Using the Apple TV merely as a playback device I was hoping to benefit from playback stability improvements and as well as navigation within the Music library however at the price of a lagging and repeatedly crashing UI and software-only playback. (Not sure if some of the UI rendering also utilizes the Crystal HD or only the video player)
This is indicating that the Apple TV really is coming to an EOL. Might be best to revert to Jarvis and start watching the support for Apple TV 1 fade away…
All the support for new features is bloating up the core (from aTV perspective) and it won’t improve (performance) things going forward.
Would be interesting to see with the Crystal HD re-enabled how the system performs before going through the tedious process of reverting…
Point is, Apple TV is delivering what I need (HD is enough, no need for 4K ATM, no need for gaming etc.)
Still love the aTV silver but the time to retire the good ol’ device… sigh

Sooner or later the support is gonna be dropped it probobly been a good device thru the years but it might be time to look at alternatives but so far no official support has been dropped so your still good but sooner or later its gonna get too tricky to develop for this device since its 10 years old, for me its always been about the raspberry pi and that device has always been all i need.

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The device is ten years old. Support will come to an end soon, as it’s getting to the point where the effort to maintain support isn’t worth it based on the number of users.

Most new AppleTV users now seem to be buying these 2nd hand on eBay and I’ve seen a lot of people selling OSMC and pirate add-ons preloaded on AppleTVs. The buyer thinks they’re getting a good price on an Apple TV, but soon find out they’ve spend a good chunk of money on 10 year hardware. They inevitably become frustrated, and if they want to watch HD content, move to another device.

A huge chunk of AppleTV users now don’t have a CrystalHD card, which gives me the message that those that want to watch HD content have moved to other devices.

I’ll keep it going for Krypton, but drop it before Leia.

@sam_nazarko thanks for the clarification! Appreciate all the hard work keeping this little box alive!

Question: the lag in the UI, is that due to some internal changes focused on supporting new hardware? Or do you think there is still a bug somewhere that needs squashing (un-)related to issue not supporting Crystal HD?
In other words, has progress moved on so much that Krypton won’t perform on ATV Jarvis did?

CrystalHD has never been used to accelerate UI, only video playback.

You don’t mention which skin you’re using. I suspect if you use Confluence or the OSMC skin, the UI performance will be fine.

Sorry for late response. Yes, I put confluence back on as it indeed is responsive as it used to be. If we could only get CHD back one last time. If I had known at the time that it wasn’t supported in the latest version than I would have not updated. Really hoping for a solution otherwise I will have to bite the bullet…

As said here, if I get some testers, I’ll look at re-adding CrystalHD support:

I Have my ATV1 running krypton with the latest update. seems to be running fine - is there something you want me to run or test on the box itself?

I noticed an update this morning. Is it safe to download @cschmaltz ? I am willing @sam_nazarko to contribute to testing on the ATV1. I am going to update now (Aug 5 11:30 am EST). Will provide feedback.

If you are already on a version of Kodi 17 then it will not worsen the situation

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I ran the Cmd line script for updating. I have had issues in the past using the GUI to update, but the CLI seems to work w/o issues. I think depending on the stuff i have loaded on it is likely why it crashes sometimes but for the most part it seems to work well, with the expectation its not going to be super responsive like my ATV4 is or my Mac is running Kodi, but stuff does work. I have posted before what & how i upgraded my ATV1 and I am quite happy with it.

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The GUI would break as you put it when NVIDIA userland was bumped and our kernel fell out of sync. This was usually fixed quite quickly.

I don’t think there will be anymore bumps from Debian on this version


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Hi Guys, I recently traded tuna snacks and cat food for an ATV1. Just upgraded it to the latest OSMC. This thing is pretty badass considering it’s a 10yr old piece of tech, thanks for all your efforts and hard work!

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I concur.