Apple TV1 Kodi 17.4 and CrystalHD

Hello members,

I am new here, and I could not find answers yet.

I have an apple TV1, updated with crystal HD acceleration card and
Kodi 17.4 installation.

Everything works fine beside of the HC addeleration card. I do not see
any selectable settings for activating the card, despite of advanced mode.

Please advice.
Note: If I will need Kodi 16.01 from Feb. 2016 let me know where to
download this older version.

Thanks in advance,

CrystalHD acceleration is not available for Kodi Krypton builds. You will need to use an older version of OSMC.

Hello Sam,

thanks for quick reply.

Where can a I find the older selectable osmc versions, with kodi Jarvis ?

I would prefer an image to download.


Download - OSMC and then disk image section

Hi guys. Since the downloads section on the homepage does not list which Kodi version the images offered contain, could you say which one we can pick to have Kodi 16.x?

Kodi 17 was released beginning of 2017, and so are the oldest OSMC images available.

Thank you!

Check the news section. Kodi 17 was released on OSMC in February. Which means the January build is with Kodi 16.

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Thanks a bunch.

Many thanks for your support.
I could successfully download version 16.01 image (from Jan 2017) :slight_smile:
But however realized, that CrystalHD is selected, but the screen
remains black for MKV movie, only Audio works well.

If anybody have further tips, let me know please. Otherwise I assume
that my CrystalHD card (with 15 @end) is broken.


I’d suggest you yo Try Kodi Kinos. It’s a Jarvis build based on ubuntu 12.04.
Works better for the good’ol ATV1.
OSMC Jan 17 never worked for me and I thught my CrystalHD card was broken. OSMC is awesome, but not for ATV1 unfortunarelly.

Download it here!FmADRBrb!_muE-aQc2pCfZRjS3qKiOaUDmt8-7FhK7_WtfNRzsR0

Original post here

I’m trying to build a more recent version for ATV1 based on debian buster 10.5 or Arch32.